A young woman finds herself in a new world post-pandemic in this thriller written and directed by Richard Lowry.

The virus has taken over the world and it has reached a death rate of 98%. There are still those who are infected and have become zombies, which has resulted in government agents decked out in hazmat suits killing those infected. Then, there’s Ellie, a teenage girl forced into hiding because she has something most people don’t have and that’s immunity. When Ellie finds out the agents in the hazmat suits start targeting her, she makes an escape and heads onwards.

Upon her escape, she finds a supposedly abandoned house. However, she comes across Quinn, another young girl who is also immune like her. Quinn warns Ellie that being together could lead to disaster so she offers to let her stay for the night and will offer supplies, but Ellie must leave the following morning. As Ellie leaves Quinn, she soon learns that Quinn has been caught by the agents. Ellie decides to save Quinn and try to make her realize that they have to help each other to double the chances of survival in this new world.

The latest involving a pandemic in the wake of the COVID-19, the film, written and directed by Robert Lowry, has a really good concept. The story of two immune teens who are targeted by the government while also dealing with the infected en route to a safe haven seems to be really good. Where the Michael Bay-directed Songbird deals with something similar when it comes to immune protagonists. However, the concept of these two being popular opposites must find a way to work together seems like a good idea.

Eve James as Ellie and Kannon Smith as Quinn should have made for an interesting duo. The only issue is that while Smith pulls off a pretty good performance, James’ performance seems a bit wooden. Granted, the film marks James’ film debut, but it seems a bit forced at times and doesn’t come across as natural. As for Smith, she goes no holds barred as the headstrong Quinn. Quinn feels like the only method of survival is by going solo and not travel with others in case something goes wrong. Meanwhile, Ellie feels somewhat lucky to have found someone who was like her but doesn’t agree with her views on the world. It is when the duo finds themselves in certain situations that they soon learn they must work together to do it.

After the Pandemic has a good concept, but wooden acting and a bit of over-the-top acting from some antagonists make this more slightly less than average. There are some good pieces, including the debates between the protagonists. However, it ultimately falls flat when compared to others pandemic-era films.


Uncork’d Entertainment presents an Andromeda Motion Pictures/Troet production. Director: Richard Lowry. Producer: Francesca Zappitelli. Writer: Richard Lowry. Cinematography: Richard Lowry. Editing: Richard Lowry.

Cast: Eve James, Kannon Smith