Former 1990’s action star Jeff Wincott returns with the drama, The Issue with Elvis (Hollow Metropolis Films/Random Media)

In the 1990’s glory days of B-movie action cinema, Jeff Wincott was one of the big names of the genre where he showcased his martial arts skills in films like Martial Law II, Mission of Justice, Martial Outlaw, and No Exit to name a few. After taking time off to work on finding himself, Wincott makes a welcome return in a new light as he takes the lead alongside his son Wolfgang in The Issue with Elvis, now available on Digital from Random Media.

Special Thanks goes out to Liz Rodriguez at EMR Media and Jeff Wincott for making this interview possible.

Jeff Wincott during his reign as one of the 90’s B-movie action heroes with Open Fire (Image Organization)

Before we talk about The Issue with Elvis, I have to say I have been a huge fan since I was a teen watching you kick some serious butt in your days as an action hero during the 90’s B-movie wave.

It was a great era and a fun time!  I enjoyed doing those movies; it is surprising how many people remember these films. 

Jeff and Wolfgang Wincott in The Issue with Elvis (Hollow Metropolis Films/Random Media)

It’s so great to have you return to a lead role and even more because you get a chance to showcase your dramatic side.  This film The Issue with Elvis is a wonderful film that captures a feel-good spirit that I feel has long been missing when it comes to a film about bonding.

It’s been over 20 years but playing the role of Dr. Mercer in The Issue with Elvis was worth the wait. I know I am biased, but I think it is a really inspiring film filled with a lot of hope, something I think we need more of in the world.  The bond between Elvis and Dr. Mercer is unique, and the two fill voids in each other’s lives. 

Jeff Wincott and Wolfgang Wincott in The Issue with Elvis (Hollow Metropolis Films/Random Media)

I understand that your wife, Charlotte, wrote the script, lensed it, edited, and directed and she did a fantastic job bringing that sense of realism to the film. Where did the idea for the film come from?

Thank you for the kind words!  Charlotte is the driving force behind the film and she wore quite a few hats.  She drew upon her life as a child growing up with a mother who struggled from alcohol use disorder and her experiences helped shape the story and the Elvis character.  Charlotte came up with the idea while we were hiking in the woods during the pandemic; she started explaining fungi to our son using her undergrad biology book, and the story developed from there.  She knows the academic world well, so she was able to convey it through the lens of my character. 

Wolfgang Wincott in The Issue with Elvis (Hollow Metropolis Films/Random Media)

The film features your son, Wolfgang, in a star-making performance as Elvis. What helped more was that because you are father and son, that chemistry transitioned so well on the screen. What was he like on the set? Did he get nervous and ask you for advice? He seemed like a natural on screen. 

With only two characters driving an entire story, the chemistry has to be there because the whole film is about the relationship. Luckily, Wolfgang and I have that bond in real life as father and son.  We are very close, and I think that that connection comes across even as strangers. He is a natural born actor; he wasn’t nervous and didn’t ask for any advice. 

Wolfgang Wincott and Jeff Wincott in The Issue with Elvis (Hollow Metropolis Films/Random Media)

How long did shooting take and were there any challenges that you faced during production?

We filmed over the Thanksgiving holiday week and over some other weekends as well. The challenge was finding the right cabin (it was perfect!), but once we did, the other locations came together pretty well. 

Is there a chance you would return to your roots in the action department? This was such a great performance; I would love to see more of this work as well. What’s next for you that can you talk about? 

Yes, I would love to work on an action film if there is good story behind it.  At this point in my life, I like to do projects that have meaning for me.  I think it’s possible in action movies, believe it or not. 

We have completed a new film called Fall Fight Shine that will be released later this year.  It’s also directed by Charlotte and is a documentary about addiction.  It features my recovery story.  I’ve been in recovery for almost 20 years.  The film also describes the science of addiction, which Charlotte has studied as a scientist. It incorporates the input of experts so it’s an interesting take on a topic we care deeply about.  Film clips from my martial arts movies are also included, so I think it will have something for everyone.  We hope to help people with this film, and I’ll be excited to hear your feedback when it comes out!

The Issue with Elvis is now available on digital platforms and those who have been waiting for Jeff Wincott to return to a lead role will get that and then some as this is a wonderful film and let’s not forget we have a new star in the making with Wolfgang Wincott. Jeff, I feel honored to have been able to interview you and I can’t wait to see more of you after this.

Thank you so much for watching it, for your interest and the kind words!  We are so grateful to get good feedback, especially from someone like you who liked my action movies but can appreciate a new direction for me.  I am really excited to get to try something new and be in a leading role.  This has been a dream of mine, so thank you for supporting us.  We will keep making films!