A camping trip turns horrific for a group of young ladies in this indie horror film from Dylan Reynolds.

Five young women are on their way to Higgins Creek to spend the weekend camping. Jess, Aubrey, Donna, Rachel, and Michelle are all arriving to celebrate Jess’ birthday and on top of that, it is April 20, which means for Donna especially, it’s a time to smoke some weed and enjoy the trip, both literally and figuratively. However, their fun is interrupted when Buddy, a pothead and redneck sees them and warns them about someone killing his bestie Dug.

The girls ignore the warnings and Buddy goes off on his own, leaving a backpack full of weed to the girls. When Buddy is killed by a mysterious figure called The Shape, the smell of weed attracts the killer and Donna is killed while smoking a bong while the others go off to check out the area. Soon enough, one by one, the girls begin to fall victim to the Shape. Who will be able to survive and discover why weed smokers are the ones getting killed by the mysterious Shape?

A meshing of female survivalist action, camp horror, and pot comedy, Dylan Reynolds has come up with something fresh to the horror genre. This could be paired with Full Moon’s pot-filled reboot Weedjies when it comes to meshing horror and marijuana. This one has it all with the characters being somewhat very eclectic in terms the main five women who arrive to celebrate a birthday and 420.

Jamie Bernadette is destined to be the “strong scream queen” with this being released before her breakout turn in I Spit on Your Grave: Déjà vu. We get a glimpse of that type of role here with Jess, the birthday girl who unlike her buddies, has no interest in toking. It’s clear that she is in fact the strong member of the group not only intellectually, but shows she is skilled in self-defense. One can’t help but laugh at Stacey Danger’s Donna, the token member of the group as she spends most of her screen time smoking or babbling about smoking.

James Gregory, who also served as the film’s stunt coordinator, is great to watch in the role of the Shape (an obvious reference to Michael Myers), who looks like a cross of cousin It from The Addams Family and Bigfoot. Kudos goes out to Brandon Jones for his excellent use of special effects. While there are plenty of slashings, there are some pretty fun inventive kills mixed in the fray as well.

4/20 Massacre is a fun ride of a slasher flick that takes a fresh idea in terms of its targets. Some fun inventive deaths and a strong performance from Jamie Bernadette makes this one to watch.


A film by The Hike Productions. Director: Dylan Reynolds. Producer: Vanessa Reynolds. Writer: Dylan Reynolds. Cinematography: Kyle Stryker. Editing: Dylan Reynolds.

Cast: Jamie Bernadette, Vanessa Reynolds, Stacey Danger, Justine Wachsberger, Marissa Pistone, James Storm, James Gregory, Mark Schroeder, Drew Talbert, Jim Round.