Mark Burnham as Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) (Netflix/Legendary)

DISCLAIMER: If you have not seen “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (2022) as of yet, you may not want to read this feature.

David Blue Garcia’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre has mixed reactions from the horror community. While some complained of the political aspect of the film with the trends of social media influence, cancel culture, and school shootings mixed in, one thing is for sure. A majority of the fans love the new Leatherface, played by Mark Burnham, and the kill scenes.

However, there is a scene that really brings out the sympathetic factor for the chainsaw-wielding killer. It is a scene that has not been mentioned much, but is of importance because it involves why Leatherface here is doing what he is doing. Much like the Texas Chainsaw of 2013, it involves the loss of family.

Leatherface unleashed in Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) (Netflix/Legendary)

Earlier in the film, we see Leatherface’s adopted mother Virginia, aka Mrs. MC (Alice Krige) suffer a massive heart attack and dying en route to the hospital. Leatherface sans mask is in the back with her as she dies and this becomes the trigger for his new killing spree. He even makes his new mask with Mrs. MC’s face to show that closeness to the only family he had left and is now gone.

The scene I will be talking about is when Leatherface returns to the abandoned orphanage and had confronted and brutalized Dante (Jacob Latimore), one of the influencers responsible for Mrs. MC’s heart attack. Melody (Sarah Yarkin) discovers that Dante had lied about having the deed to the orphanage when she finds it. Knowing that Leatherface is inside, she hides under Mrs. MC’s bed.

We see Leatherface looking outside the window where investors are having a good time and it’s clear he’s really mad. He smashes a mirror and then proceeds to go into the closet, where he pulls one of Mrs. MC’s dresses and begins to sniff it. This is to show that Mrs. MC was his last line of sanity as she took him in for nearly 50 years after the events of the first film. While it’s unclear what happened to the Old Man and the Grandfather (the Hitchhiker’s fate was sealed in the original film), we can presume they both died between the first film and 1975, which was when Mrs. MC took Leatherface in.

The dress and “mask” are a reminder that Leatherface no longer has anyone left to protect him and for him to protect. In other words, he has nothing left to lose. Therefore, he’s free to do what he does best and the next kill scene says it all!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now available on Netflix.