A regular and a recurring star of the Full House universe reunite for this pretty funny rom-com that takes full advantage of the pandemic-set world.

Vanessa is a young woman who has had issues finding love. When a speed dating date goes horribly wrong, she soon realizes that her issue is that she’s become a bit superficial. When she and her friends are stuck in isolation due to COVID, she gets an opportunity to try virtual dating. There, she meets Brandon, a young millionaire who lives in a mansion and despite his upbringing seems like a normal guy.

Vanessa and Brandon hit it off and soon enough, Vanessa introduces him to her best friends Donna and Miles. Donna and Miles take an immediate liking to Brandon, but Vanessa feels something is off as she draws closer to him. Vanessa never feels like she can never find love but slowly realizes that for the first time in her life, she has fallen in love with Brandon. Will she be able to finally break out of her shell or will she once again lose her chance at finding love?

During the pandemic, it must be hard to find to find love as we are stuck in isolation and even going out, masking up and following social distancing. For this romantic comedy, director Elizabeth Blake-Thomas and writer Wendy Braff came up with a virtual romantic comedy, in which a woman unlucky in love goes on a virtual date and finds herself drawn towards her suitor.

Who better than two people who are familiar with each other to star in the film? Full House’s Stephanie Tanner herself Jodie Sweetin, reunites with David Lipper, who was also on the hit series and its sequel series Fuller House in the recurring role of guitar player Viper. One may joke that Lipper had DJ and now has Stephanie. However, their chemistry is the heart of this film and despite not sharing the screen together but resorting to seeing each other through screens, they still work well together.

When it comes to the world of romantic comedies, the supporting characters can sometimes make an impact, whether good or bad. For this film, Danielle Perez makes the most of her role as Donna, Vanessa’s BFF who has a bit of a troubling relationship herself. However, Alec Mapa once again shines as a comic supporting actor in the role of Miles, Vanessa’s other bestie who has some great one-liners and comebacks and yet when it comes to pivotal moments, he shows an emotional side which is apart from his trademark comic timing.

Just Swipe is a fun romantic comedy in the age of the pandemic thanks to the chemistry between Jodie Sweetin and David Lipper along with Alec Mapa’s hilarious comic timing.


Legacy Distribution presents a Northern Productions film in association with Mother and Daughter Entertainment, Stardust Pictures, and Mega Life Productions. Director: ElIzabeth Blake-Thomas. Producers: Elizabeth Blake-Thomas, Isabella Blake-Thomas, David Liiper, and Kipp Tribble. Writer: Wendy Braff; story by Braff and Elizabeth Blake-Thomas. Cinematography: Duncan Johnson. Editing: George Folsey Jr.

Cast: Jodie Sweetin, David Lipper, Danielle Perez, Alec Mapa, Mike Braderich, Rachelle Carson-Begley, Steven Clark, Ron G., Abbie Georganna, Jazzmun, Keli Price.

The film will be released On Demand on February 8.