A group of friends are in for the shock of a lifetime in this sci-fi thriller that offers a burning question about a scientific theory.

Loretta, Gerry, Danny, and Amy are a group of young scientists who are attempting to study the idea of a “multiverse” theory. Loretta is the most headstrong of the group and is convinced that there is the possibility of a multiverse. Her boyfriend Danny and their friends Gerry and Amy seem a bit skeptical at first. However, Loretta stumbles upon a major discovery and when the group decides to head back to finish the experiment, Loretta sacrifices herself attempting to save a group after a major car accident.

Five months have passed, and the others are still reeling from the loss of their friends. Danny begins to date the deaf Amy and things are going well. However, when Gerry sees someone who looks like Loretta, he begins to panic. When Danny sees Loretta, he panics as well. Loretta has in fact returned, but she is actually from an alternate version of her, who has no recollection of the events from months ago. Soon enough, the others soon learn that their doppelgangers are also around and soon enough, a very deadly game of cat and mouse is being played out.

From director Gaurav Seth comes this Canadian sci-fi thriller that takes the idea of quantum physics and the idea of a “multiverse” and revolves it around four friends, each of whom has a different personality with their doppelgangers showing the opposite of their real-world personalities.

Paloma Kwiatowski’s Loretta is the headstrong “leader” of the group who stumbles upon the idea of quantum physics to achieve a “multiverse”. Munro Chambers’ Gerry is a bit headstrong, but at times can be a bit skeptical. Robert Naylor’s Danny is the loyal boyfriend to Loretta who subjects to some virtual reality experiments for Gerry while Amy, played by Sandra Mae Frank is the quiet assistant to Loretta and Gerry. Loretta’s death is the catalyst for the film’s central plot when she re-appears five months with a tattoo that signifies that she is no longer the same person she thinks she was.

If anyone has a doppelganger that goes over the edge, it’s Gerry. And this is why Munro Chambers is one of the most respected actors in his native Canada. The former Degrassi alum who broke out film-wise with Turbo Kid does an amazing job at going on both sides of the spectrum. His real-world persona is a nice guy who does draw concern but is at the same time supportive while his doppelganger is very dangerous and, in a move, similar to The One, makes his intentions known. In a shocking move, Amy’s doppelganger actually speaks and is dubbed over by Shauna Black as Frank is hearing-impaired in real life and has such emotional scenes with Marlee Matlin, who plays her mother.

Multiverse takes the scientific idea of the titular theory and brings forth a really good psychological thriller that results in some excellent performances from the cast.


Saban Films presents an Always a Pleasure Films production in association with Moving Story 2 Films. Director: Gaurav Seth. Producers: Bev Bliss and Jason Ross Jallet. Writers: Doug Taylor and Michael MacKenzie. Cinematography: Ivan Gekoff. Editing: Alex Coulson.

Cast: Paloma Kwiatowski, Munro Chambers, Robert Naylor, Sandra Mae Frank, Marlee Matlin, Shauna Black (voice)

The film is coming to select theaters on November 12 and then on VOD and Digital on November 16