This anthology revolves around a computer virus that leads to a series of five stories from the trio of Terry R. Wickham, Edwin M. Figueroa, and George Brianka.

A shootout results in four police officers dead. Ansel Schneider is the prime suspect and he’s being interrogated by police. He attempts to tell the detectives that the officers’ deaths could be the results of Satan and the Apocalypse is nearing. The only thing Schneider has is a flashdrive. As the detectives begin to investigate, the stories begin. The first involves a photo shoot at an abandoned and supposedly haunted location in which a mysterious figure shows up and wreaks havoc.

The second tale involves a filmed take where three buddies find a book that belonged to a cult of Satanists and they soon realize the book changed them and not for the better. The third story involves a filmmaker who discovers his wife had cheated on him and his plan for revenge doesn’t go exactly as planned. The fourth story involves a woman who is tasked to go on a scavenger hunt to raise money for her church and discovers something she never would imagine. Meanwhile, the detectives find out some very shocking revelations about the case and they begin to wonder could Schneider’s premonitions could actually come true.

This anthology is quite interesting is that there is a central story that leads to the discovery of a flashdrive that could be the new tool of the Devil. We then are treated to four additional tales of the Devil’s influence on others. The trio of Terry R. Wickham, Edwin M. Figueroa, and George Brianka helm the stories with Wickham taking over three of the tales with the other two going at one each.

The title of the film, Devil’s Five, is the main story of the film and features a very smooth and sly performance by Ralf Scheepers as prime suspect Ansel Schneider, who warns the detectives who are interrogating him about the possibility of the Devil coming. Scheepers is also the lead singer of German metal band Primal Fear, who supply the theme song of the film. In between the tales, we are treated to the core story that offers some shocking twists as it progresses.

“Abanonded”, the first tale that is revealed is a pretty quick tale about a photo shoot in an abandoned and supposedly haunted location that reveals a cloaked mysterious figure who is later to appear in another one of the tales. “Don’t Say These Words” is a Blair Witch Project-esque story of a man watching a found footage film about a trio of friends who come across a cult of Satanists and find the book of the Devil, which leads towards something dangerously evil. This one is my favorite of the tales that do not come into the core story.

“Choke” is a revenge plan gone horribly awry when a filmmaker discovers his wife having an affair and an attempt to livestream revenge turns horrific because as the revenge happens, the wife soon finds herself getting possessed. This results in “double revenge” if you will. The final tale “Stash” revolves around a religious woman who is given a chance to help get donations for he church by going to a scavenger hunt and soon finds herself coming face to face with the one entity she renounces and loathes for the sake of God. This is also pretty good installment that leads to a shocking finale in the core story.

Devil’s Five has a mixed bag of tales, thankfully with three of them being really good and the other two tales being more of a “meh” feeling. Nevertheless, those who love anthologies may want to give this a whirl.


Random Media presents a Mantaray Films production. Directors: Terry R. Wickham, Edwin M. Figueroa, and George Brianka. Producers: Terry R. Wickham, David Melanson, Edwin M. Figueroa, Tiffany Figueroa, Richard Karn, and Michael Fels. Writers: Terry R. Wickham, Edwin M. Figueroa, Timothy David Clark, and George Brianka. Cinematography: Adrian Popescu, Edwin M. Figueroa, and Albert Elmazovski. Editing: Kris Ramsey, Danny Knutson, Jason Paluck, Peter Brandi, and Robert Figueira.

Cast: Ralf Scheepers, Diana Noris, Kevin Cusick, Sarah Haruko, Siakah Tetteh, Aaron Mathias, Tim Simon, Anthony O’Connell, Rafael Baez Jr., Megan Penn, Almog Pail, Richard Karn, Jonathan Weirich.