A fashion store is about to get the shock of a lifetime when their new designer jeans become possessed and begin a killing spree in this off-beat Canadian horror film.

At the Canadian Cotton Clothiers shop, it’s all about high fashion. Libby McClean is a new employee and there she meets her co-workers, who aren’t too thrilled about working there and yet they still work there because it’s work. A new brand of designer jeans, the Super Shapers, are coming to the store. The jeans conform to any body shape and are highly anticipated by the store owner Harold. However, these are jeans that no one will want to try on.

As the crew are set to stay overnight to prepare for the new launch, it is soon discovered that these jeans are somehow possessed. When one of the workers steals a pair, she horribly discovers that the jeans are evil and she is killed. When Libby and co-worker Shruti learn the horrifying truth about the jeans, store manager Craig will do anything to ensure the launch and keep his job. Soon enough, all hell is going to break loose and it’s not even time to open the store yet.

The idea of possessed jeans wreaking havoc at a fashion store may seem farfetched and perturbed. But on the other hand, it does sound like something fresh and new to the genre. And even more the great, writers Elza Kephart (who also directed) and Patricia Gomez Zlatar (who also produced) use the idea to bring a message about the real-life issues that plague the fashion industry. The focus in particular is the use of sweatshops and child labor and the fact that these jeans are marketed under false pretenses. In other words, these are jeans that are really mad as hell.

The cast do well in their roles, notably Romane Denis as new employee Libby and Brett Donahue as slimy store manager Craig. The former is getting to the bottom of things and will do what it takes to the stop the evil. In terms of the Craig, all he cares about is keeping his job and will do anything to ensure he keeps it. That includes doing those in who he feels is a threat to expose him for the scumbag he is. The other co-workers are pretty much the ones you know are going to get theirs one way or another.

The kill scenes are very fun and graphic to say the least. One of the teams behind the FX are the Blood Brothers, who were responsible for the insane 20-minute killing spree of Aquaslash. One victim gets torn in half. One victim gets bitten up like he is lunch. One victim, a social media influencer, even gets strangled by a pair in the film. As if that’s not enough, when we learn the cause of the possessed jeans, we get a flashback that is somewhat pretty shocking and moreover, pretty heartbreaking given the theme of the film.

Slaxx may seem to be farfetched and over the top, but in essence, it does give a harrowing message about the negative factors of the fashion industry and why they should be addressed. Some insane kills here are sure to please horror fans.


Shudder and the Horror Collective presents a EMA Films production in association with Telefilm Canada. Director: Elza Kephart. Producers: Patricia Gomez Zlatar and Anne-Marie Gelinas. Writers: Elza Kephart and Patricia Gomez Zlatar. Cinematography: Steve Asselin. Editing: Miranda Ouellet.

Cast: Romane Denis, Brett Donahue, Sehar Bhojani, Kenny Wong, Tianna Nori, Jessica B. Hill, Erika Anderson, Hanneke Talbot, Stephen Bogaert.