It’s another story of a band you may have never heard of, but this documentary takes quite a twist…a religious twist for this American rock band.

In the early 1990s, Luxury was a local rock band from the town of Toccoa, Georgia. They consist of brothers Lee and Jamey Bozeman, Chris Foley, and Glenn Black. When the band released their debut album, they got some notoriety. However, a car accident resulted in the band temporarily on a forced break. After the release of their second album, the band signed on to a smaller label and soon went their separate ways.

While the band went their separate ways, three of the members found a new calling. Raised in a very religious family, Lee and Jamey Bozeman, along with Chris Foley, decided to seek religion and have become Orthodox priests. In 1999, the band decided to reunite and added a fifth member, Matt Hinton, who like the Bozeman Brothers and Foley, also follows a path of religion. Despite their little-known recognition, they have kept the dream of making music and continues to this day.

It is always fascinating to see a documentary on what can be considered footnotes in pop culture, especially music. A few years back, there was The Man in the Camo Jacket, the story of Mike Peters, lead singer of 80’s rock band The Alarm who became a twice-survivor of cancer. We have We Are X, the story of the band considered the greatest from Japan, X Japan. Now, we have the story of this little-known band from Georgia who didn’t have as much as recognition as they had planned and yet, they have not stopped on their passion for music.

In this film, directed by band member Matt Hinton, we get to meet the members of Luxury, a local band from Toccoa, Georgia. We get a bit on the backgrounds of each member, especially Lee and Jamey Bozeman, who were raised in a very religious family while keeping their passion of music. Drummer Glenn Black talked about his influence from Peter Criss from KISS as a drummer. Aside from the band, there are interview with fans of the band who appreciate their style of music.

The film also delves into the devastating accident that nearly destroyed their lives, let alone careers. However, the accident would bring more strength to the band despite breaking up just a few years later only temporarily. However, the new notoriety that members Lee and Jamey Bozeman along with Chris Foley becoming Orthodox priests while keeping their love of music growing just shows that perhaps God does have a plan for this band. Perhaps it’s their survival from the 1995 accident that told them that this is path to go…continuing the one thing you love and have God on your side while doing it.

Parallel Love: The Story of a Band Called Luxury is a phenomenal look at the whirlwind rise, fall, and resurrection of a band who could have made it big in the 90s and yet they don’t let anything stop them while three of the five are now priests. This is a fascinating look and after seeing this, you may want to start checking out their music.


Random Media presents an Awake Productions film. Director: Matt Hinton. Producer: Matt Hinton. Writer: Matt Hinton. Editing: Matt Hinton.

Cast: Lee Bozeman, Jamey Bozeman, Chris Foley, Glenn Black, Matt Hinton.