This “sequel” to the 1976 cult classic horror film comes 45 years later and does something similar to another sequel to a cult classic.

When an unsuspecting traveler falls prey to some deadly rattlesnakes, an investigation that began over 40 years ago has been reopened. Commissioner Lewis has learned of what has happened and it brings him back to when the rattlesnakes first attacked. Soon enough, as he tries to find a way, the snakes make their way to a 4th of July celebration, wreaking all sorts of havoc. Will there be a way to stop these deadly snakes once and for all?

You got to hand it to Dustin Ferguson, a.k.a. Dark Infinity. He truly is an indie filmmaker who has a love of the horror genre and churns out quite a chunk of films each year. For this film, he has decided to make a sequel to a 1976 cult classic about deadly rattlesnakes. What Ferguson does here is combine new footage feature some of his stable of cast members with footage from the 1976 original.

This premise was done in Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes Part II, where the opening consists of flashbacks from the original. While in Craven’s case, this was done because the production company ran out of money and spliced it without Craven’s knowledge, Ferguson knows exactly what he intended to do. Making a sequel 45 years after an original may make the viewer want to see what the big deal about the original film is all about. Ferguson does this to engage the viewer in what happened back then and how it impacts the film today.

As mentioned, Ferguson has a stable of stars who appear in all of his recent fare. They include veterans Mel Novak and Brinke Stevens respectively as the town commissioner and a housewife who falls pretty to the snakes. Dawna Lee Heising and Shawn C. Phillips play a mother and son who also find themselves victimized with perhaps Phillips’ reaction being a bit more laughable than scary. There’s even a cameo from the director himself during the chaotic 4th of July celebration. The snakes are a combination of CGI and practical FX from what it looks like, but remember we’re talking very low budget here so it’s forgivable.

Rattlers 2 makes its intention known and Dustin “Dark Infinity” Ferguson continues his love for the genre as this is definitely worth an hour and ten minutes of your time, especially if you haven’t seen the original film.


A SCS Entertainment Production. Director: Dustin “Dark Infinity” Ferguson. Producer: Joe Williamson. Writer: Lee Turner; based on the film “Rattlers” written by Jerry Golding and John McCauley. Cinematography: Erik Anthony Russo. Editing: Dustin “Dark Infinity” Ferguson.

Cast: Mel Novak, Brinke Stevens, Mercedes Peterson, Dawn DuVerger, D.T. Carney, Thom Michael Mulligan, Julie Anne Prescott, Shawn C. Phillips, Dawna Lee Heising, Jenn Nangle.