Before we get to see Robert Pattinson as The Batman, the creators of the hit web series Super Power Beat Down unleash this amazing Batman fanmade short film that could be one of the best short films of the year.

Two months after Batman rescued a girl from The Mad Hatter and hearing the story of three missing police officers, he meets Lt. Bullock atop the Gotham City Police Department building. With Commissioner Gordon in the hospital, Bullock has taken over the case and lets Batman know that the Joker is dying. Batman believes the Joker may know something about the missing cops and it is at a visit to Arkham Asylum where a final confrontation between the Caped Crusader and the Clown Prince of Crime is set.

This short film from brothers Aaron and Sean Schoenke is exactly what needs to be in a Batman movie. The story of the final confrontation between Batman and the Joker brings to mind a more battle of the mind rather than a battle of strength, yet we get to see Batman in action in only the opening of the film. And what’s even better is that there is an amazing cast here.

Kevin Porter brings an amazing performance as Batman but it is Aaron Schoenke that you have to look out for. Schoenke is exactly what one should think of when it comes to playing the Joker. When the two are together at Arkham Asylum, it becomes the perfect cat-and-mouse mind game one would want in a Batman movie. And that’s just a taste of what we get.

Michael Madsen is great as Bullock while we get to briefly see Commissioner Gordon in the form of Casper Van Dien as well as Doug Jones as The Riddler, musician Chris Daughtry as Dr. Hugo Strange, and stunt performer and actress Amy Johnston reprising her Harley Quinn from an episode of Super Power Beat Down. Should Margot Robbie decide to leave the role of Quinn, Johnston would be the best replacement hands down.

Batman: Dying is Easy could “easily” be the best short film of the year. Amazing perfectly cast performances and the story are exactly what we need in a Batman movie. If they do a new Batman-Joker film, get the Schoenke Brothers to direct!


A Bat in the Sun Production. Directors: Aaron Schoenke and Sean Schoenke. Producers: Aaron Schoenke, Sean Schoenke, and Nikolay Zamkovoy. Writer: Aaron Schoenke; based on Batman characters created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Cinematography: Aric Abraham. Editing: Aaron Schoenke.

Cast: Kevin Porter, Aaron Schoenke, Michael Madsen, Doug Jones, Amy Johnston, Chris Daughtry, Casper Van Dien, Jenniger Wenger, Jamie Costa, Vera Bambo, Tatiana Neva, Mike Estes, Guy Grundy, Amanda Lynn Shafer.

Enjoy the full movie below: