Later this year, we will be returning to Texas for another “chainsaw massacre” as Legendary Pictures will unleash a brand new Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

It has been four years since we last saw the Sawyer family with Leatherface, a “prequel” to the 1974 horror classic from Millennium Films. The prequel pulled off a Usual Suspects meets Natural Born Killers approach with one of three mental asylum escapees finding his destiny as the legendary titular killer. So what can we expect with this new film?

Well, according to the teaser poster (above), it is official that this new film will pull off the Halloween 2018 route and retcon all the sequels and reboots. The new film is set to be a direct sequel to the original with its setting so many years later, meaning Leatherface will now be in his 60s and still wielding the sledgehammer and chainsaw.

The story will revolve around two sisters, the older one a businesswoman who comes to Texas and brings her wheelchair-bound younger sister with her as they find themselves in the midst of a now elderly Leatherface. It is believed that Sally Hardesty, the survivor of the original “Massacre”, will be returning as well, perhaps to help the sisters’ in this critical situation.

Nell Fisher plays elder sister Melody and Despicable Me‘s Ellie Fisher is playing younger sister Dreama, while Olwen Fouere is believed to be replacing the late Marilyn Burns as Sally Hardesty. Sarah Yarkin, Jacob Latimore, Sam Douglas, Alice Krige, and Moe Dunford co-star in the film. The role of Leatherface has not been revealed as of yet.

Originally to have been directed by Andy and Ryan Tohill, they were replaced a week into production by David Blue Garcia, using Chris Thomas Devlin‘s screenplay. Producing the film are renowned horror film director Fede Alvarez and his producing partner Rodo Sayagues alongside Kim Henkel, who co-created the original film with the late Tobe Hooper.

Look for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre later this year and more updates here as we get them.

Update #1: Olwen Fouere is confirmed to be playing Sally Hardesty and Mark Burnham replaces the late Gunnar Hansen as “old man Leatherface”.

Update #2: Legendary Pictures will be releasing the new film exclusively on Netflix and foregoing a theatrical release.