The director of Tales for the Campfire 3 brings us this homage of 50’s monster movies with a bit of a modern twist.

In a small, isolated desert committee, an earthquake has hit and something just seems off all of a sudden. Charlene Brinkeman has been studying the effects of the earthquake and discovers a prehistoric beast has emerged. When a hiker becomes a victim of the monster, she informs her brother Aaron that they must do something about it before it begins to kill more people. Aaron attempts to get help from Sheriff Brackett, who is also worried about the body count rise when the beast arrives. However, Mayor Reid sees the whole event as not only ludicrous, but in fear of losing his job, attempts to cover it up. The problem is that it may be too much for Reid, but not too late to stop the beast.

I have an appreciation for Dustin Ferguson, aka Dark Infinity, as he is a filmmaker who loves all genres and loves to pay homage to his favorite genres and bring to life his own spin on them. With his Tales for the Campfire franchise, he paid homage to anthology horror. His love of monster movies has given him a chance to bring this nearly one-hour film to life and knowing he can take advantage of making a 50’s style horror film set in the present day.

What’s great here is we get some legends playing rivals on the stage. Legendary horror scream queen Brinke Stevens plays scientist Charlene, who attempts to warn everyone about the monstrous beast that has emerged and is causing havoc. In the meanwhile, we have Mel Novak doing what he does best, play villain roles. In this case, he’s the corrupt mayor who will do anything to keep his power, even covering up the events involving the beast. The beast itself is quite laughable, but you have to respect Ferguson and his team as they work with micro-budgets and upon first look at the beast, you will laugh. It looks like a live action version of Jabberjaw if he mated with an octopus. Yes, it’s as funny as it sounds.

The Beast Beneath is one of Ferguson’s homages to 50’s monster movies and if you don’t take it seriously, then you’re in for nearly one hour of fun. Seeing Mel Novak and Brinke Stevens is always great. If you have nearly an hour to waste and just want something wild and fun, here’s your movie.


An SCS Productions film. Director: Dustin Ferguson. Producers: Dustin Ferguson and Joe Williamson. Writer: Dustin Ferguson. Cinematography: Dustin Ferguson. Editing: Dustin Ferguson.

Cast: Brinke Stevens, Mel Novak, Eric Prochnau, Sheri Davis, D.T. Carney, Shawn C. Phillips, Jennifer Nangle, Mike Ferguson, Alanna Evans, Geovonna Casanova, Tino Zamora.