A young woman goes through a ton of obstacles to live her dream of stardom in this fun and witty indie film from John Gallagher.

Sarah Quintana is heading to New York City from her small town to become an aspiring actor. As she arrives in the Big Apple, she is met with a little resistance from the very beginning. She gets to rent an apartment from an ex-girlfriend of her grandfather for cheap. Upon her arrival at acting school, she meets an eclectic group of aspiring actors and she finds herself a bit ridiculed at times by a few of the teachers.

As Sarah attempts to persevere and live her dream, she comes upon a reality check that she needs money. Luna, one of Sarah’s new friends, recommends she sees Mr. Danny, who offers a her a job. Soon enough, Sarah unwittingly finds herself as a drug mule. She quits and attempts to work as a babysitter but even that fails. However, things start to look up for Sarah when she meets indie director Troy Remy. Her world soon comes crashing down when she learns he is involved with some shady business that the cops want information on. Sarah finds herself in a major situation that could make or break her dream.

A film about dreams becoming reality with having a reality check is the focus of our central character, the titular Sarah Q. The film showcases the various highs and lows of Sarah’s road to her career. There are some comical moments that help the film while others give the chance for cast members to inhibit emotional ranges, both in and out of class.

Emmy James is wonderful to watch as Sarah, who is hellbent on making it as an actress. She even gets support from her grandfather, played by legendary actor Burt Young of Rocky fame. We even get to see Sally Kirkland as Helena, Sarah’s landlady and trusted friend thanks to her connection to her grandfather. However, it is the group of Lo Freidenstine, Tamara Skylar Jones, Sarah Seeds, and Ashlee Macropoulos as Sarah’s new group of friends who attempt to help her in any way she can.

While she gets a set of friends and feels accepted on one side of the spectrum, the other side isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. We get to meet some of the very shady and creepy characters in the film. They include agent Roger Sauvage, played by Steve Stanulis; and ex-cops turned drug dealers Danny and Tommy, played by Sopranos legends Tony Sirico and Vincent Pastore. The scenes with Sirico and Pastore are hilarious as they play ex-cops turned drug dealer who sure love to quote movies. Speaking of The Sopranos, there is also another alum in the form of Federico Castelluccio as Barry Homburg. There is also creepy neighbor Frankie Li, played by Shing Ka, who has his major crush on Sarah throughout most of the film and gets advice from well, people who do more harm than good.

Sarah Q is a wild and somewhat possibly realistic look at a woman’s struggle to live her dream. A pretty good cast, combining virtual newcomers with Hollywood legends.


Random Media presents a 305 Media Group/People Artistic/Trajectory Films production in association with Fire Lotus Entertainment, Greenhaven Pictures, and Inn-A-Circle Films. Director: John Gallagher. Producers: Joe Benedetto, John Gallagher, Shing Ka, and Paul Mammano. Writers: John Gallagher and Joe Benedetto. Cinematography: Kenneth Kotowski. Editing: Alexander Yew.

Cast: Emmy James, Burt Young, Sally Kirkland, Tony Sirico, Vincent Pastore, Federico Castelluci, Lo Freidenstine, Tamara Skylar Jones, Sarah Seeds, Ashlee Macropoulos.