A woman searches for a purpose for life in this pretty funny Faith-based comedy from star/writer/director Maya Batash.

Rebecca is a woman who doesn’t seem to have a purpose in life because she has no idea what it is. For twelve straight days, she has gone everywhere in NYC to find advice but always comes up short. This results in Rebecca not being able to get any sleep. She becomes an insomniac and things are deemed to get worse. However, an opportunity arises where she learns of a possible cure by going to the Ukraine. Rebecca ends up in the small area of Uman and there, she finally is able to get sleep, but something is in store at the same time.

While asleep, Rebecca finds herself in a forest where she meets an eccentric young woman who tells her why she is where she is, along with a few others. She also meets a mysterious doctor, who tells her he can’t do anything without her. He is her guide on a very insane and spiritual journey where she meets various people, from a young man who attempts to find job after job, putting himself in one comic situation after another. However, it is when she sees a man who despite having nothing is still happy that she finally begins to see the light on her life. The experience is set to change Rebecca’s life forever.

Ever wonder why you are here and what makes you happy? That is what Rebecca, the protagonist character played by lead actor, writer, and director Maya Batash attempts to answer in this pretty short and sweet comedy at a running time of 75 minutes. We get to see Rebecca question everything within the first few months as we see her miraculously telepathically engages in a conversation with a toddler, her rabbi telling her to find a man, and other crazy shenanigans.

The crazy nature of the film really ramps up 35 minutes into the film, where we see Rebecca finally getting the sleep she needs, and we see pretty much the remainder of the film in her conscience. This is where we really see the eclectic supporting cast. The mysterious Dr. N, played by Andrew Kaempfer, is Rebecca’s guide through this trip to finding purpose. Much of the focus is on the Fixer, played excellently by Zebedee Row. This is a guy who finds himself in one situation after another and even when he’s refused jobs consistently, he somehow finds himself saying “okay, on to the next one”. We also see a group of ladies in a forest in which they question each other about their purposes and in hopes to find a cure similar to Rebecca’s. To answer their purposes of their lives as well. It’s quite funny overall and who says you can’t make a Faith-based comedy?

Talking to God proves that you can find happiness wherever you are, even in your conscience and with good comic faction, filmmaker Batash is great in the lead role of a woman who strives for happiness and goes on a trip never seen before to find it!


Random Media presents a Box of Joy/431 Films production. Director: Maya Batash. Producers: Maya Batash and Jonathan Federico. Writer: Maya Batash. Cinematography: Dominick Sivilli. Editing: Yoav Landau.

Cast: Maya Batash, Zebedee Row, Andrew Kaempfer, Leanne Agmon, Sean Haberle, Fenton Lawless, Dawn McGee, Ratnesh Dubey, Marika Daciuk, Kelley Rae O’Donnell, Bettina Skye, Kimberly Stein.