Back on WorldFilmGeek’s 5-year anniversary, it was announced that I would be creating the first WorldFilmGeek Hall of Fame. Well, that time has finally come! With five actors/filmmakers and a YouTube team, it is time to announce the first class of WorldFilmGeek’s Hall of Fame.

Our 1st recipient is one of the busiest action stars in the industry today. With a career spanning two decades, this actor has risen from small parts in Hong Kong films to one of the biggest names in action films today. During the pandemic, he created a web series entitled The Art of Action, in which he interviewed fellow action stars and filmmakers about their careers. It is no surprise who this is…everyone say it with me! Boyka! Boyka! Boyka! Congratulations goes out to Scott Adkins!

The 2nd member of this year’s Hall of Fame is a versatile actress and producer who can do any genre but it is clear that she is known for sci-fi action film Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter in the central role of Sienna. She also has the distinct pleasure of being the first time WFG did two interviews in the span of its beginning. During the pandemic, she appeared in Steve Leeds’ Isolation web series. Without further a due, it’s time to say Congratulations to Tracey Birdsall.

The 3rd member of this year’s 1st Class is a Russian bodybuilding legend turned action star and producer who has been interviewed twice on WorldFilmGeek. Despite his build and action star status, like the blog indicates, he’s a self-described “world film geek” as well! Let’s congratulate Alexander Nevsky as a member of this year’s Hall of Fame.

Our next member of the Hall of Fame defines the term “horror icon”. While she considers herself a storyteller through the characters she played on screen, she has wowed audiences mainly in the horror genre. This year, she appeared on WFG for the third time! A wonderful veteran who is one of the nicest souls, let’s congratulate Lin Shaye as a member of this year’s Hall of Fame.

If you never hard of our next member of the Hall of Fame, then it’s time you have! An actor, writer, and director, this Swedish-born powerhouse can be considered the American indie film’s answer to Takashi Miike as his work consists of many genres, from action films like Abstruse and Betrayed to the family film Bennett’s Song and the horror film Agramon’s Gate. It’s time to meet Harley Wallen as we congratulate him as a member of this year’s Hall of Fame.

Finally, I am excited to announced not an individual, but a team who deserves some recognition. These guys have wowed audience members in YouTube with their short films and other fun videos. They have attracted the attention of action legends such as Donnie Yen, Michelle Yeoh, and prepare…the Marvel Cinematic Universe! If you haven’t seen their YouTube channel, then it’s time you did. Let’s congratulate Martial Club as the whole team are a part of the Hall of Fame!

Congratulations to the 1st Class of WorldFilmGeek’s Hall of Fame. For next year’s HoF, I will ask for your help! Details will be given next year as we near December 1 of 2021!

In the meantime, let’s congratulate these people and recognize their contributions to the industry.