Starting today, we’re adding a new feature to WorldFilmGeek. Every Thursday, we will be presenting you with some of the latest trailers in both A-list and independent films, no matter the genre. So let’s get to it!

With Halloween on the horizon, we start with the red-band (aka NSFW) trailer to Redwood Massacre: Annihilation, the upcoming sequel to the 2014 UK-made horror film about a burlap-sack wearing axe-wielding serial killer. This time around, he looks to meet his match in horror icon Danielle Harris as the story revolves a stranger who invited s band of bereaved family members to the Redwood House, where they intend to stop the killer once and for all.
Coming on October 20 from Uncork’d Entertainment

Next we have the sci-fi flick Expulsion, in which we see two techie geeks uncovering an accident parallel universe and well, things begins to go awry. The film stars Colton Tapp, Michael Harrelson and Lar Park Lincoln.
Coming out on October 20 from Collision Course and American Pop

After wowing fans with his portrayal of the titular imaginary friend in Daniel Isn’t Real, Hollywood scion Patrick Schwarzenegger is at it again in the upcoming thriller Echo Boomers. Here, the young Schwarzenegger plays a man who finds himself part of a gang who steals from the rich and gives…to themselves after he finds himself in a major rut. The film co-stars Alex Pettyfer and Michael Shannon.
Coming November 13 from Saban Films

Want a crazy biopic? Look no further than Acute Misfortune, based on the true story of the insane relationship between painter Adam Cullen and his biographer, Erik Jensen.
Coming tomorrow in L.A. and Cleveland then on Demand on November 3 from Dark Star Pictures.

Horror-comedy Fingers revolves around a mental health app maker who finds her world turned upside down when one of her employees arrives one day with a missing finger. This, along with her pregnancy, just makes her go insane.
Coming October 6 from Random Media.

The Dark and the Wicked revolves around two siblings who return home to pay their final respects to their father. However, they soon learn an evil presence may be taking over them. Starring Marin Ireland and Michael Abbott Jr.
Coming on November 6 from RLJE Films.

Horror icons Lin Shaye of the Insidious franchise and Tobin Bell of the Saw franchise team up for the first time in The Call, on which four young pranksters bullies an elderly woman to the point of suicide, in which her husband calls them a few days later with a challenge.
Coming tomorrow to only theaters/drive-ins from Cinedigm.
Check out my exclusive interview with Shaye to get information on where to see the film and tickets.

We end this week’s WTW with The Craft: Legacy, which confirms it is actually a “sequel” for Generation-Z rather than a full-on reboot. The story elements seem to be the same, but there is a reference to a certain psycho witch of the 1996 original that deems this a sequel.
Coming On Drmand on October 28 from Sony Picutres Entertainment.

I hope you enjoyed this inaugural Weekly Trailer Watch. Look out for this and more on WorldFilm Geek!