Two sisters find themselves in serious trouble and rely on the help of the one and only Danny Trejo in this indie horror action film from Robin Bain.

Jo and Maddie are sisters who are trying to move on with their lives despite the death of their mother and even more, the recent passing of their local pastor, Father Peter. After the funeral of Father Peter, the duo meets Marco, a priest who knew the sisters’ mother, but Maddie refuses to acknowledge him while Jo apologizes for her sister. However, that’s about to become the least of their problems.

Shortly after Father Peter’s funeral, the sisters begin to have strange visions and for Maddie, they are amplified by flashbacks of her seeing her mother being exorcised by Peter when she was a child. Soon enough, Maddie finds herself undergoing some changes. At the bar where she works, she ends up assaulting a troublemaker and goes ballistic. Her actions lead her to a mental institution, and when Jo arrives to visit, she meets the mysterious orderly Daniel, who is actually the demon who had destroyed their lives. When Jo discovers what has happened, she must get help from Marco as she must do the only thing she can do: become the Last Exorcist and save her sister.

From the company who brought you the recent Coven comes this latest horror-action film. Where Coven is reminiscent of The Craft, this film is reminiscent of the obvious with a twist in the film. From the title, one would make you believe that it is Danny Trejo’s Marco that is the titular “last exorcist”. However, that’s far from true as we learn it is Rachelle Brooke Smith’s Jo who will take the title when it is all said and done as she must face her demons to rescue her sister, played by Coven’s Terri Ivens.

Trejo actually doesn’t appear as much in the film as expected. However, it is his nature. No matter what role he takes on, he makes an impact when he appears on the screen. Here, he is there when the script, written by director Robin Bain and Coven star Lizze Gordon, proves to have a pivotal scene that will make an impact for the film. Marco becomes the eventual mentor to the true “last exorcist”, Jo, who is well played by Smith, who many will remember playing the diva antagonist in Bring It On: Fight to the Finish. It is great to see her doing something that requires her character to find true strength within.

As for Satan himself, he comes in the form of the mysterious Daniel, played by producer Adam Horner. Horner exhibits that evil and manipulative mood where we see him in the film’s opening disguised as a monk and later, an orderly at the mental asylum where Maddie is being held. He even attampts to seduce Jo in order to get to her in the same way he did to Maddie. However, it is during a dream love sequence that Jo finally realizes who Daniel really is and thus, finds her destiny.

At a runtime of 80 minutes, The Last Exorcist is a pretty decent indie horror-drama flick that has Danny Trejo come in at the right moments and Rachelle Brooke Smith slowly become the titular “last exorcist”. Definitely worth at least a watch.


Uncork’d Entertainment presents a Thriller Films production. Director: Robin Bain. Producers: Zeus Zamani, Rhett Giles, and Justin Jones. Writers: Robin Bain and Lizze Gordon. Cinematography: Brian Vilim. Editing: Ian Campbell.

Cast: Rachelle Brooke Smith, Terri Ivens, Danny Trejo, Adam Horner, Nicolas Coster, Leigh Ann Cevoli, Da Leigh, Dennis LaValle.