Chan Gearing Up for Another “Police Story”?


Jackie Chan in New Police Story (2004, Emperor Motion Pictures/JCE Films)

It’s looking like Jackie Chan may be headed to return to his iconic franchise, nine years after his last outing.

Plans are being developed for what is being dubbed as Police Story 2022, which would mark Chan’s seventh installment of the franchise. The last time Chan went through this franchise was 2013’s Police Story 2013, which got a U.S. release as Police Story: Lockdown. While this was at first a rumor, it has been confirmed since then that not only will it be happening, but a director has been hired in Leo Zhang, who directed Chan’s 2017 sci-fi action film Bleeding Steel.

For those unfamiliar with the franchise, Chan played only the same character in the first four films of the franchise. They are Police Story (1985), Police Story Part II (1988), Super Cop: Police Story III (1992), and First Strike (1996) with Chan playing Chan Ka-Kui (aka Kevin Chan and Jackie Chan).

2004’s New Police Story had Chan play a new character, Chan Kwong-Wing, who turned to alcoholism after being held responsible for his entire team killed by a new generation of villains led by Into the Badlands star Daniel Wu. This was then followed by Police Story 2013, in which Chan played another new character, Mainland cop Zhong Wen, who is forced to becoming a hostage from a unscrupulous nightclub owner who holds a grudge against Zhong and uses his daughter against him.

Plot details are unknown for Police Story 2022, but it looks like it is going to happen and with Chan, who will be 68 at the time of its release, could we see something similar to Rambo: Last Blood in terms of Chan saying “farewell” to his most iconic franchise? The world shall soon see.

H/T: Martial Arts Action Cinema (MAAC)

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