Rene Perez’s iconic horror franchise character is back and this time, he may have met his match in the form of Robert Bronzi!

Ellen Weaver is an investigative reporter who has finally been given access to someone who is on the top 10 FBI’s most wanted list. The man she is interviewing is known simply as “The Voyeur” and he is responsible for a series of snuff films in which he has sent a psychotic serial killer named Havoc to dispatch people in his acreage while he makes the films of the murders. As the Voyeur has set Havoc up with a few more potential victims and has his land heavily guarded by military operatives, Ellen is set up to become another victim.

However, while Havoc awaits to unleash his next killing spree, a saving grace for the potential victims may be in store. A police detective has been searching for his daughter, who has gone missing. He has found a lead that it could involve Havoc and the Voyeur. When he arrives on the Voyeur’s property, he confronts some of the guards and finds Ellen. Together, they hatch a plan to not only find the cop’s daughter but put an end to Havoc and the Voyeur’s activities once and for all.

After Playing with Dolls and its sequel, Playing with Dolls: Havoc, jack of all trades filmmaker Rene Perez is back with a new installment that takes the franchise title away and adds a dose of gunfire action courtesy of “Bronsploitation” actor Robert Bronzi, who brings his style to the horror franchise. Perez once again shines with his grindhouse style of action and horror, loading the film with over the top gore effects and some crafty visual FX that fit exactly what we are meant to see here.

Perez not only brings back Richard Tyson as the Voyeur, the man who watches and films all of Havoc’s killings and stuntman J.D. Angstadt in his 3rd go round as Havoc, but aside from Bronzi, who wowed audiences with the homage Death Kiss, there’s The Dragon Unleashed’s co-star Emily Sweet. Here, she plays the determined investigative reporter Ellen, who soon finds herself forced into the Voyeur’s sadistic game involving Havoc. She goes from strong woman to temporary damsel in distress back to strong woman. Also look out for a cameo by Karin Brauns, who co-starred with Bronzi in the Western Once Upon a Time in Deadwood.

Perez doesn’t hold back when it comes to showcasing over the top gore. Oliver Müller’s special effects are so great to watch that it shows why Perez could just be the new millennium’s grindhouse king. His love of horror and action clearly shows as we see heads split open, over the top gunfire impact, drills to the neck, and even some gross-out disembowelments. There are a few surprise twists and turns but what one is anticipating is a throwdown between Havoc and Bronzi’s cop character and it’s somewhat what’s expected and yet even before that a major twist is thrown in that’s a bit jaw dropping.

Cry Havoc is definitely a fun grindhouse-style horror-action hybrid that continues the legacy of the Playing with Dolls killer with Robert Bronzi coming in the fray, setting an eventual showdown with twists and turns to the plot. It’s clear Rene Perez is definitely a filmmaker to look out for.


Midnight Releasing presents a Top Dollar Films production. Director: Rene Perez. Producer: Kasey Dollar. Writer: Rene Perez. Cinematography: Rene Perez. Editing: Rene Perez.

Cast: Robert Bronzi, Emily Sweet, Richard Tyson, J.D. Angstadt, Karin Brauns.