This short horror film from director Lee Thongkam is definitely not a typical film but still delivers both the haunts and terror with an excellent performance from star Jimmy Dempster.

A man on his way finds himself carjacked. As he fights off the attacker, he accidentally kills the thief. Scared to find what he had done, he decides to bury the body in a very secluded place. Upon his return home, he finds a large wooden box. A futile attempt to open the box slowly evolves to the man having a sense of flashback. As he tries to do right by going back to the body he buried, he is shocked to learn the body disappears. When he returns home, he finds the body with a sign and the key to the box. What mysterious presence is inside the box?

From the first half of this 30-minute short horror film, one would see the film as a typical horror film that has a certain trope. However, the second half of the film really relishes a more underlining as to what we are dealing with here. At first, the film is about a man who faces off against a carjacker and accidentally kills him, making him scared as heck. After burying the body, this is when things very get interesting.

Star Jimmy Dempster, who looks like an actor who can totally kick some major tail, shows a great range of emotions in the lead role. He goes from tough guy to scared to facing off against something more than a monster, who appears in the titular “box”. We soon learn he is facing off against his biggest fears as he is still haunted from a memory of the past. This gives the viewer a chance to see what exactly is in the box and it’s quite shocking by the end of the film.

Box is a great short about a man who comes face to face with not only a box, but something much more than he ever expected. If you don’t know the name Jimmy Dempster, then you’re about to with this film.


A Kings of Horror presentation. Director: Lee Thongkam. Writers: Bob Hacdem and Lee Thongkam. Cinematography: Brandt Hackney.

Cast: Jimmy Dempster, Bella Ulrich, Audrey Dempster, Emma Dempster, Genevieve Ulrich, Ashely Welch.