A man learns there’s more to his life than is expected in this tense thriller that brings a very shocking finale.

College student Seth has received a mysterious letter that takes him to a secluded mansion for the weekend. The writer of the letter is his older brother Richard, who never met Seth before. Upon his arrival, Seth already feels uneasy when Richard berates him for missing dinner. Seth even becomes shocked when he meets Abby, Richard’s girlfriend, just after she gets out of the shower. Abby instantly takes a liking to Seth and attempts to somewhat become the glue to hold the newfound yet complicated bond between the brothers.

As Seth and Richard’s brotherly bond become both happy and at times, perplexed, Abby informs Seth that Richard’s wife was killed in an accident that resulted in Richard using a hearing aid despite surviving. When things begin to happen that makes Seth very uncomfortable, he is intent on leaving. That is, until Richard offers Seth a financial deal to stay one more day. Reluctant, Seth takes the offer as he needs the money. However, things begin to go from bad to worse, forcing drastic decisions to be made.

Writer-director Erik Bloomquist crafted this very interesting tense thriller with some erotic overtones that delves on two brothers just meeting and the woman who doesn’t do much come between them but attempts to keep their bond strong. The characters are definitely a mixed bag with one being the newcomer of the trio, the very brash brother, and the young woman who while in a relationship with the brother tends to have a thing for the newcomer.

Adam Weppler plays the very calm but yet very uncomfortable Seth, who learns of his wealthy older brother. He sees this originally as a way to perhaps get to bond with new family while Nicholas Tucci plays Richard as a wealthy, domineering man who thrives on pushing people’s buttons and making himself known as a character one would love to hate. Richard is that kind of character who feels like he can’t afford to lose, but when he does, he goes ballistic. This happens when it comes to the duo and Richard’s girlfriend Abby playing a game of “Fluffy bunny” which Seth wins, angering Richard.

Catherine Corcoran is great as Abby, who attempts to quell the uncomfortable situation between Richard and Seth. Despite her submitting to Richard because of his domineering nature, it’s clear she may seem more compatible with Seth. She finds herself in a situation where she feels she doesn’t have much of a choice but to succumb to Richard’s domineering nature and perhaps sees Seth as a way out. Who knows? However, what really gets shocking is the final moments of the film, as it leads to a very shocking twist to the story.

Long Lost is a very tense thriller that has some erotic overtones but not done too gratuitously with an unhinged performance by Nicholas Tucci, a well done performance by Adam Weppler, and an excellent performance by Catherine Corcoran.


A Mainframe Pictures production. Director: Erik Bloomquist. Producers: Carson Bloomquist, Erik Bloomquist, Nicholas Tucci, and Adam Weppler. Writers: Erik Bloomquist; story by Carson Bloomquist, Erik Bloomquist, and Adam Weppler. Cinematography: Thomson Nguyen. Editing: Erik Bloomquist.

Cast: Adam Weppler, Catherine Corcoran, Nicholas Tucci, Fran Kranz.