In 2016, Dutch director Dick Maas unleashed his “lion strikes Amsterdam” film Prey (Prooi) to the world, with the exception of the United States and other areas. However, this March, the U.S. will finally get a taste of this lion, who won’t sleep tonight.

Re-titled Uncaged, 4 Digital Entertainment will unleash the tale of a lion striking Amsterdam, the veterinarian the police call for help and the British hunter who attempts to make this lion his next big game. In an ironic twist, the hunter was once the boyfriend of the veterinarian, which upsets the vet’s current boyfriend. But despite the past, the hunt is on for the lion.

Sophie van Winden, Julian Looman, and Mark Frost star in the film, written and directed by Maas.

The film will be seen On Demand on March 17, 2020 by 4 Digital Films.