Mark Dacascos is going for a new kind of Drive in the trailer to his upcoming horror/action hybrid The Driver.


Playing a former hitman, Dacascos and his family (real-life wife Julie Dacasos and daughter Noelani Dacascos) attempt to find a safe haven from a zombie apocalypse. With the legendary Dacascos at the wheel, get ready for fistacuffs and gunfire galore. In the midst of all things, the Driver teaches his daughter to defend herself in the film.

Wych Kaosayananda wrote and directed this film Brahim Achabbakhe serving as the film’s action choreographer. The duo had worked together on the prequel Tekken 2: Kazuya’s Revenge with Kane Kosugi in the lead role.

Lionsgate has picked up the rights and will release the film on DVD, On Demand, and Digital on November 26.

H/T: Film Combat Syndicate