Ara Paiaya, usually known for his knack for action cinema, takes the comic route in this as the credits read “pointless parody” to Game of Thrones that still is quite funny!

King Bardo has felt constant struggles in ruling. He decides to broker a peace agreement between the eight local kingdoms and announces PurgeFest 3000. However, King Bardo actually plans to become the ultimate rule and kill all those he invites. They include the Stork family, led by Deddard Stork; the Wall, where warrior John Doe resides; the House of Kardushian, led by Clueless; Lord Trumpet of Orange, and the duo of Denise, Queen of Dragons and her barbarian husband, Diego.

Along the way to King Bardo’s castle, plans involving many betrayals and takeover are set to happen. Denise’s brother Visphylis plots to use her sister and brother-in-law to take over the throne. King Bardo’s wife Queen Cursey plots to make sure son Prince Jizzy takes over the throne so she can continue her relationship with her brother Johnny Bang Bang. Even the Master of Secrets has plans to make sure PurgeFest 3000 will result in his eventual takeover. Who will become the kingdom to reign supreme when all is said and done?

Have you missed Game of Thrones and yet, you are in the mood for something funny? Well, thankfully, we don’t have to worry about the duo of Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg attempting to spoof this film. In fact, they haven’t really worked on their trademark spoofs since 2015’s Superfast!

Instead, an unlikely director comes in the form of Ara Paiaya. The Scottish-based martial arts expert turned indie filmmaker got his start meshing comedy and action with his Dubbed & Dangerous trilogy (which got noted when Freddy Krueger made an appearance in the third film). As of late, Paiaya delved from local filmmaking to making films with the likes of Gary Daniels and Lou Ferrigno to name a few.

From a script by J.J. McDowell and Damian Romay, Paiaya proves that he can in fact direct comedy. Perhaps influenced by the likes of both Mel Brooks and even Monty Python, this film takes some of the major plot points and moments in the Game of Thrones series, adds a taste of the ridiculousness of Keeping Up with the Kardashians with the global scrutiny involving Donald Trump to the mix and you have a pretty funny spoof that is definitely meant for its audience.

The ensemble cast is a delight to watch. Angus Macfadyen is hilarious as King Bardo, who plots to unite all the kingdoms in an effort to purge them all so he can be the ruler of all rulers. From boasting about what kind of women he wants to join him to having some accidents while getting up, there is even a scene where the Master of Secrets is revealing his plan by breaking the fourth wall and Bardo reacts by breaking the fourth wall himself. This helps the level of hijinks that we are given in the film.

Former Power Ranger Anna Hutchison channels her inner Lena Headey meshed with the humorous style of the film as Queen Cursey while Tim Preston really hams things up as the annoyingly Prince Jizzy. Lou Ferrigno is just as funny as Deadard Stork, who rides into the castle via two toy unicorns and his showing his son Brendan an execution is one of the funniest scenes in the film. Armando Gutierrez makes the most of his role as John Doe while there is great comic chemistry between Madison McKinley and Yadil Piedra as Denise and Diego. The only thing that was a bit annoying was the Kardushian clan, who just brought a sense of well, the real thing. But that doesn’t compare to John Di Domenico’s deadpan impression of a certain current world leader as Lord Trumpet of Orange, who comes out as if we are watching a news channel, complete with news ticker. His scenes are absolutely hysterical to watch.

Purge of Kingdoms is a fun spoof of the HBO series that uses minimal gross-outs (the crown bit), funny scenes involving plot points from the series, and an ensemble cast who make the most out of their performances.


Blue Fox Entertainment and Red Hound Films presents a Conglomerate Media and Swen Group picture. Director: Ara Paiaya. Producers: Bret Jones and Armando Gutierrez. Writers: J.J. McDowell and Damian Romay; based on the series Game of Thrones, created by D.B. Weiss and David Benioff; based on the Fire and Ice novels by George R.R. Martin. Cinematography: Duncan Telford. Editing: Colleen Halsey and Richard Halsey.

Cast: Angus Macfadyen, Lou Ferrigno, Anna Hutchison, Armando Gutierrez, Madison McKinley, Arin Allridge, Bret Jones, Sara Jones, Prince Fielder, Luis Moreira, Tim Preston, Ellen Evans, Valentina Novakovic, Adam Bond, Spike White, Riker Lynch, Yamil Piedra, Eliana Ghen.