Three insane tales make up this very exciting sequel that focuses on three short stories by the legendary Stephen King, who makes a cameo in one of the tales.

The Creep has returned with his stash of comic books, which features some very creepy tales. A young boy, Billy, is more than excited about the latest issue, which has three new spooky tales for his entertainment. The first story, Old Chief Woodn’ Head, revolves around an elderly couple, Ray and Martha Spruce, who run a general store near an Indian reservation. They have earned the respect of the locals, even with Ray eventually planning to retire. When they are given a gift as a collateral for a debt, they are asked to hold it for two years. However, that night, both fall victim to a robbery led by outcast Sam Whitemoon, who plans to skip town. The Native American wooden statue that stands in front of the store comes to life and sets out to avenge the Spruces.

The second story, The Raft, revolves around four people going to an abandoned lake where a raft lays in the middle. They swim to it only to find a very mysterious oil slick that is revealed to be more than it seems to be. The third and final story, The Hitch-Hiker, revolves around a woman coming home from having an affair accidentally killing a hitchhiker en route. However, her guilty conscience comes back to haunt her as she begins to see the undead hitchhiker who only wants a ride.

Five years after his original film appearance, the Creep returns with three new tales. Like its predecessor, all of the stories depicted are based on stories by the master of horror, Stephen King. And like its predecessor, King put his trust into another master of horror, George A. Romero, to handle the screenplay and this is one prolific collaboration that once again did wonders like it did with the 1982 original.

Tom Savini, the legendary make-up effects artist, takes on the role of the Creep in the live action segments. He is without a doubt unrecognizable in the make up and also becomes the narrator as he unveils our story and an animated story involving our comic book fan Billy, played by Dominick John set in between the stories. The stories themselves are a delight to watch with an ensemble cast that features many chills and thrills.

The first story revolves around a wooden Indian who comes to life to avenge the deaths of a beloved elderly couple at the hands of a notorious Native American outcast and his band of robbers. The wooden man effects are well done and showcases some gruesome SFX along with the second story, which revolves around a dangerous “oil slick” creature terrorizing two couples who attempt to find ways to avoid it. If you know horror, you know how this will end. The final story revolves around a woman forced to face her guilty conscience after accidentally killing a hitchhiker, who returns in various undead forms, forcing her to do the unthinkable once again as she attempts to evade him any chance possible. Look out for King himself as a truck driver in this story. As for the animated vignette in between the stories, we see Billy getting a special gift from the comic books then finds himself facing off against a band of bullies.

Creepshow 2 is an enjoyable ride into terror from the minds of Stephen King and George A. Romero. These three tales are great to watch and even the animated vignette is quite enjoyable. Another 80s winner!


New World Pictures presents a Laurel Production. Director: Michael Gornick. Producer: David Ball. Writer: George Romero; stories by Stephen King. Cinematography: Richard Hart and Tom Hurwitz. Editing: Peter Weatherly.

Cast: Tom Savini, George Kennedy, Dorothy Lamour, Holt McCallany, Frank Salcedo, Dan Kamin, David Holbrook, Don Harvey, Paul Satterfield, Jeremy Green, Daniel Beer, Page Hannah, Lois Chiles, Tom Wright, Stephen King.