What do Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alexander Nevsky, and Matthias Hues have in common? They’re originally from Europe. They all kick loads of major butt on screen in action films. And, they all have a bodybuilding background, which is why they are part of an upcoming book on bodybuilding.


3 More Reps! The Golden Age of Bodybuilding is a new book from George Snyder and Rick Wayne that will feature these three action stars as well as other professionals in the bodybuilding world giving their personal secrets to training. In the case for Nevsky, his chapter focuses on how to get started if you want to gain muscle mass. Before becoming the bodybuilding and action star he is known for today, Nevsky was a skinny geek who got inspired by Schwarzenegger and has become friends with his childhood idol since.

The book was just released and is available on Amazon.

Thanks goes out to Alexander Nevsky for bringing this news to attention.