The world of online dating takes its tolls on these couples in this ensemble comedy from writer-director Michael K. Feinstein.

Having met online, two couples’ lives have been turbulent since they met and began dating. In the case of Melissa and James, they romance has taken a turn for the better when James proposes to her at a local party. However, after four years of dating, Ben and Rachel have broken up and Ben is completely miserable. However, Rachel is taking the breakup much better as she has begun dating again.

When Rachel admits her feelings about dating to Melissa, Melissa and James begin to experiment dating apps to see how others will respond to them. However, when the experiment is apparently over, the couple’s relationship takes a different turn. Meanwhile, after having many insane and unsuccessful dates, Ben finally meets aspiring law student Gabriela and for the first time in a long time, Ben may have found happiness. Meanwhile, a chance meeting leads Rachel to date improv artist Dustin. In this world of dating today, who will be in a successful relationship and who will remain single and free?

In today’s world of dating, everything has changed. From meeting face-to-face and blind dates, there are now dating apps that have taken over the old school approach. For Michael K. Feinstein’s film, he brings the modern day technology to the world of a group of friends and how this brand of technology has and will impact their lives. Some will be successful, some not so much.

The best thing about the film besides the story is the ensemble cast, who are great in their roles. The duo of Megan Guigan and Drew Fonteiro bring a level of both ups and downs as engaged couple Melissa and James, who you can tell feel at unease with each other from the get-go. It is when Melissa comes up with the idea of the couple creating accounts on a dating app, one knows that it will eventually lead to trouble and while it becomes a bit predictable, it goes to show how a simple experiment can lead to chaos.

As for the broken couple of Rachel and Ben, Nikki SooHoo and Josh Margolin prove themselves to be total opposites in a good way. Ben, still reeling from the break-up, attempts over and over again to start dating again to not exciting results on a consistent basis. However, in the case of Rachel, she is excited to be dating over and over again. However, she does find a bit of jealousy as she hopes to find true love like she thinks Melissa has. While Ben eventually finds a potential love in Gabriela, his feelings of the past are at risk of his chances of possible true love while Rachel finds herself in one constant situation after another, even when she finds a potential suitor in Dustin, played by Josh Weber.

The Browsing Effect is quite a comedic but yet realistic look at the world of online dating today and both its advantages and consequences that is highlighted the ensemble cast, who do quite well with their performances.


Gravitas Ventures presents a Bibby Content production. Director: Michael K. Feinstein. Producers: Paul W.R. Perez, Michael K. Feinstein, and Roan Bibby. Writer: Michael K. Feinstein. Cinematography: Mark Katz. Editing: Jack Horkings and Jack Stewart.

Cast: Megan Guinan, Drew Fonteiro, Nikki SooHoo, Josh Margolin, Gabriela Lopez, Larry Powell, Josh Weber, David Hull, Nicoletta Hansen, Angel Garet, Miho Fuji, Kristen Laffey, Roshan Maloney.

Gravitas Ventures will release the film on VOD and Digital on April 9.