First Steve Pink. Then Conrad Vernon. Now, it looks like the long developed Toxic Avenger reboot has found its writer and director.

Actor turned filmmaker Macon Blair has signed on to direct the reboot of the 1984 B-movie that would become the film that immortalized the New York-indie film company Troma. The film revolved around Melvin, a 98-lb. nerdy janitor at a health club who after being pranked by bullies, falls into a barrel of toxic waste to become a “hideously deformed superhero with superhuman size and strength”. He uses his newfound form and powers to fight crime and corruption.

Legendary Entertainment scored the rights from Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma Team in December and it is said this is a “high priority” project. Kaufman and partner Michael Herz will serve as executive producers on the reboot, which is still in development at the moment. More as this develops.

H/T: IndieWire