Yuen Qiu and Stephen Chow in Kung Fu Hustle (The Star Overseas)

It has been fifteen years since we saw Stephen Chow in one of his funniest films, Kung Fu Hustle. Rumors of a sequel have been up in the air since, but it is time for finally for the rumors to be laid to rest…because the rumor is now truth!

While promoting his recently released The New King of Comedy, Chow has announced that he is finally going to be making Kung Fu Hustle 2. However, two questions are now up in the air. One, what will the film be about and two, will Chow return in front of the cameras?

One of those questions have been answered. The plot was revealed and it will actually be a thematic sequel rather than a direct follow-up. The sequel will be set in the modern day and revolve around a kung fu story in a foreign country. However, the plot theme of the original will still hold faithful to the 2004 original.

As for Stephen Chow returning to acting, that remains to be questioned. Chow’s last acting performance was in his own-directed family sci-fi film, CJ7. Since then, Chow has made a successful career as a writer, producer, and director. His hits include The Mermaid, and the Journey to the West films, even making a cameo in the latter sequel The Demons Strike Back, which he produced and Tsui Hark directed. Despite the cameo, Chow hasn’t ruled out making a cameo in Kung Fu Hustle 2, but will he actually take a more prominent role in the sequel? That remains to be confirmed.

In either case, the news that Kung Fu Hustle 2 is happening is quite exciting. In the meantime, Chow continues to promote The New King of Comedy and is still working in post-production on another of his sequels, The Mermaid 2.

H/T: JayneStars