It is only fitting that on the fifth anniversary of his tragic death, this documentary about Paul Walker just shows how much he cared not only about the people around him, but the world in general.

Paul Walker has come from a lineage of tough guys. His grandfather, Paul II, was a former boxing champion. His father, Paul III, was a military officer during the Vietnam War. His love of cars stem from his relationship with his grandfather. Since childhood, Paul Walker has always been there for everyone around him and would go through anything to make sure the kids around him knew he would be there for him. Since childhood, he loved becoming an actor, appearing in commercials and even a 1980’s game show with his sister.

His acting career started young and even through his high school years. Paul was close to his family, even acting as both a big brother and father figure to young brother Cody, who was born when Paul was fifteen years old. He’s always had a passion for sports, from surfing on the beaches of California and playing football. He decided at the age of eighteen to take a break from acting to focus on college. He would re-emerge with roles in Varsity Blues and The Skulls before becoming the iconic Brian O’Connor in the Fast and Furious films.

The prolific career and life of the late Paul Walker is seen through archival footage of both home movies and his works as well as interviews with friends, family, and those who worked with him. What you saw on screen and in interviews with Walker shadows his real life. He has been hailed as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood who never had an ego. He was there for the fans, his family, and has not forgotten his roots.

It is interesting to see Walker on MTV Cribs showing his motorhome where he keeps his surfboards. This just goes to show how much he enjoys what he does both on and off screen. He was always there for the fans, never turning down any opportunities to greet the fans. However, there was a small price in terms of not having enough time for his daughter Meadow. However, doing the Fast and Furious films allowed him to do most of his own stunts, which at times presented danger. However, despite the dangers of his on-screen work, Paul was still respected as one of the most approachable actors in Hollywood until a car accident claimed his life on November 30, 2013.

For a look at the real Paul Walker, watch I am Paul Walker as you get a glimpse of the actor not only on the set but off screen where he never forgot where he came from and the sacrifices he made to make sure he is there for everyone around him, whether it is a fan, a friend, or family.


Paramount Network presents a Network Entertainment production. Director: Adrian Buitenhuis. Producers: Derik Murray. Cinematography: Philip Lanyon. Editing: Tony Kent

Cast: Paul Walker, Cheryl Walker, Paul Walker III, Cody Walker, Caleb Walker, Ashlie Walker, Tyrese Gibson, Rob Cohen, Wayne Kramer, Erik McArthur, Oakley Lehman, Andy Muxlow, Rhett Walker.