It’s that time! The first Friday of the month and that means it’s time for this year’s Indie Action Spotlight, where we bring you some highlight clips and stunt reels.

This month’s Clip of the Month goes to Young Dragon Fist, a Chinese short film directed, edited, and choreographed by the singularly named KAI. In this film, a young teen takes on other teens when they start bullying a little kid.

Here are this month’s selected Stunt Reels:

Andrew Long

Eric C. Sun

Isaac Rivera

Jasmine Wright

Yavuz Topaz

Shai DeBroux

Here are this month’s selected Short Films:

The Silver Surfer


No Man’s Land


Kunchido Part 3

That’s all for this month’s Indie Action Spotlight. If you are a stunt performer, martial artist, and/or short filmmaker and you want to submit your reel or film to our Indie Action Spotlight, you can e-mail WFG at

The deadline for May’s Indie Action Spotlight will be May 3, 2018!