The animals are unleashed and it is up to Dwayne Johnson to save the day in the first official trailer for Rampage.

Based on the 1986 classic video game by Bally Midway, Johnson plays Davis Okoye, a primatologist who has befriended a silverback gorilla named George when the gorilla was only two years old. When George accidentally opens a canister involving a very dangerous chemical, George begins to grow to massive size. Along with a mutated gigantic wolf and crocodile, George heads to Chicago to begin the “rampage” and it is up to Davis to find a way to save him before Chicago is destroyed and the authorities will kill George.

The film co-stars Naomie Harris, Malin AkermanJeffrey Dean Morgan, and Joe Manganiello. The film was directed by Brad Peyton, who directed Johnson in the hit 2015 film San Andreas.

Rampage comes to theaters on April 20, 2018 from Warner Bros.