This debut feature from Salem Kapsaski is full of practically everything you can imagine and who better to distribute it than the gang at Troma Entertainment!

Eden and Matilda are a couple who live in a house in the outskirts of England. Matilda holds a job working a local club called Juicy Girls while Eden spends her time doing basically nothing. Matilda is the object of a regular at the club, Ticks. The landlord has even appeared and is demanding the girls pay their rent or they will be evicted.

When the girls one day head to a small shop run by Mr. Banner, Eden takes it upon herself to buy a spider named Rainer. Despite Matilda’s objections due to lack of money, Eden buys the spider anyway. This soon causes a rift between the two and things just get worse when the landlord makes good on his promise but that’s going to be least of their problems as some of the staff of Juicy Girls are being killed by a mysterious figure.

It has to be said that director Salem Kapsaski, who also co-produced and wrote this film, knew what was he intending to do. Mixing elements of Italian giallo, his real-life experiences with the British welfare system, and basically, a Troma movie along with musical numbers and you have one wild experience that only Troma themselves can unleash on the world.

The film’s focus is on the relationship between lovers Eden and Matlida, played respectively by Sophia Disgrace and Rahel Kapsaski. In some aspect, one can only feel for Matilda as she is the only one willing to work in order to make their ends meet while Eden just brings that “I don’t care” mannerism and for the most part, you just don’t feel as sorry for her as you may want to. While Matilda works at a nightclub, she mainly is seen just keeping the regular Ticks company, if not getting into an arguments with either her co-workers or even the boss, played by Rusty Goffe, who played one of the Oompa Loompas in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and played various goblins in the Harry Potter films. Ticks is played by punk rocker Lee Mark-Jones, who brings Ticks as somewhat unstable due to perhaps his obsession with Matilda.

One major fun part of this film is the music. Co-star Jeff Kristian, who can be described as the U.K. version of the great Divine, not only does some great work as the club’s top diva, but also has come up with some very catchy songs that help the film even further. The cast performs some interesting songs all written by Kristian showcasing a versatility in genres of music. There are elements of punk rock, Eurodance, and even a lullaby added to the mix that make this fun.

However, it is in the last third of the film that things just go insane with the inclusion of the serial murderer killing off members at Juicy Girls. Of course, by then, you can take a wild guess who the killer is and most likely you will be right. However, this all leads to the most insane 10-minute finale that perhaps is seen in a while. It’s a juxtaposition of two situations involving Eden and Matilda that most likely will make your jaw drop like never before.

In the end, Spidarlings comes out better than expected. The trailer gives just very little of the chaos, but the overall film comes off ten times better with a finale that truly deserve not only its title, but shows why Troma truly earned the right to distribute this…aside from the fact Lloyd Kaufman himself made a cameo. This film’s kitchen sink approach is one that actually works!


Troma Entertainment presents an Aprés Vague Production. Director: Salem Kapsaski. Producers: Salem Kapsaski, Rahel Kapsaski, and Gabriella Kapsaski. Writer: Salem Kapsaski. Cinematography: Sandra Samaca. Editing: Laurence Roberts.

Cast: Sophia Disgrace, Rahel Kapsaski, Lee Mark Jones, Jeff Kristian, Lloyd Kaufman, Chris Repps, Rusty Goffe, Soozi Chameleone, Toshio Maeda, Gabriella Kapsaski, Kjell De Kerpel, Tiffaney Wells, Lynn Ruth Miller, Victor Sobchek, Salem Kapsaski.