Pesci Officially Comes Out of Retirement for “The Irishman”


It has been long rumored but it’s official: Joe Pesci is coming out of retirement to re-team with Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro for The Irishman.

Al Pacino is also slated to appear in the film with negotiations being worked on, but it is Pesci’s involvement that is now making waves as Pesci didn’t originally want to be in the film as it seemed he was enjoying retirement. However, it looks like Pesci couldn’t resist working again with both Scorsese and De Niro.

De Niro will play the titular character, that of mob enforcer Frank Sheehan, who is believed to have been involved with the disappearance of Teamsters Union head Jimmy Hoffa. Pesci will portray Russell Bufalino, a Mafia boss out of Pennsylvania who has long been suspected of having a hand in the disappearance of Hoffa.

Currently in talks to join De Niro and Pesci alongside Pacino are Harvey Keitel and Bobby Cannavale. Filming is scheduled to begin in August through December for a 2018 release on Netflix.

H/T: Dark Horizons

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