2016, Momentum Pictures/Forewarned LLC

Mike Norris
Sanford Hampton
Gary Heavin
Chase Hunter
Akis Konstantakopoulos
Ronnie Brazeal

Gary Heavin (Charlie Grey)
Dina Meyer (Kelly Lane)
Spencer Neville (Lt. Brandon Lane)
Marshall Teague (Col. Crane)
Chuck Huber (Col. Kashoid)
AnnaLynne McCord (Sam)
Diane Ladd (Betty Lane)
Greta Norris (Frankie Lane)
Carey Scott (Roger)
India Eisley (Penny)
Rich Bentz (UN Chairman Malcolm)
Mike Norris (Harlin)

This political action thriller revolves around an alternate United States in turmoil from director Mike Norris, whose father is some guy who is a legend in cinema and martial arts.

In an alternate United States, turmoil has been brewing. There have been rumors of a possible new world order being set in place. Semi-retired businessman Charlie Grey has pressured Congress into passing the Shield Act, which would allow the government to harden their power grid, which has been outdated and in danger of being destroyed. When Congress refuses to listen to Charlie, they are soon going to be in for a rude awakening.

UN Chairman Malcolm has set “Operation Dark Star” with the sole purpose of taking over the government under his iron fist and conspires with the President, who under the recently passed National Defense Authorization Act, in which he would declare martial law. When Lt. Brandon Lane, a member of the U.S. Army’s Special Forces unit, learns of the conspiracy, he narrowly escapes from the hands of his commander Col. Crane and two UN soldiers, Col. Kashoid and Col. Wong. On the run, Brandon knows the only one who can help him is Charlie. When Charlie becomes aware of what’s happened, the stage will be set for him and Brandon’s family to start a new American Revolution.

This intriguing action film is set in an alternate universe where the United States, considered one of the “greatest superpowers in the world” faces a threat like no other. While the use of alternate history has been done before, this film shows the beginning of a what can be set up as a new American Revolution as the film starts out light in terms of action and more on drama. However, the real action comes in during the film’s final act.

Gary Heavin, who co-wrote the film, does pretty well as lead character Charlie. It is apparent that Charlie is more than your semi-retired businessman, he was a former military officer for the United States. Charlie even has a sidekick in Sam, played by AnnaLynne McCord. This is perhaps McCord’s best role to date as it shows her as someone who is a badass, even when making simple mistakes.

The other real star is Spencer Neville, who plays Brandon, who discovers the conspiracy and nearly becomes the sole survivor of a massacre at camp when he refuses to follow orders. A pivotal scene during Brandon’s escape has him connecting with a mysterious man named Harlin, played by none other than Mike Norris himself. Neville also gets himself involved in the few hand-to-hand combat scenes, doing pretty well when doing close quarter combat.

The real villains of the film are mastermind Malcolm, played with sleaziness by Rich Bentz; Col. Crane, played by Marshall Teague, who in one scene says a line that pays reference to his character’s fate in the film Road House; and Col. Kashoid, played by Chuck Huber. Kashoid gets the most on-screen time in terms of villains as he plays a Russian UN commander who takes co-lead with Crane on the conspiracy.

Dina Mayer’s Kelly may seem like a worried mother and for the most part, shows that worried side as we learn she is Charlie’s girlfriend. However, in that final act, she gets involved in the action as advised by her cancer-stricken mother, played by Diane Ladd, who acts as an advisor. Carey Scott plays a politician who is friends with Charlie and India Eisley plays the politician’s daughter, who had a relationship with Brandon and somewhat rekindles their romance in the midst of everything.

The film somewhat leaves open for a sequel and quite frankly after seeing this, it will be interesting to see how this war will turn out. In other words, Amerigeddon seems like a good start for something that could change the course of this alternate United States’ history.