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Rody Claude
Rody Claude
Kylie Claude
Kylie Claude
Rody Claude
Rody Claude

Adam T. Perkins (Dillon)
Jason Britza (A.K.)
Kira Caine (Mali)
Soa Palelei (Zombie Ninja Boss)
Korum Ellis (Eddie)
Paul Boucher (Hiraldo)
Kenny Low (Zonbie Ninja Gold)
Jared De’Har (Zombie Ninja Blue)
Neil MacKinnon (Zombie Ninja White)
Jonathan Liew (Zombie Ninja Red)

As the title indicates, this Ozploitation action film pits a group of black ops against a band of zombie ninjas in a high rise building.

A scientific experiment gone wrong resulted in the creation of a band of zombie ninja warriors. Unleashed, they begin to wreak havoc at a high rise building, killing a group of partygoers using their enhanced martial arts skills. Dillon, a former Black Ops soldier goes for an interview at Sansei Security in hopes to work in the private security field. When he hears a noise, he goes to investigate.

Meanwhile, a group of Black Ops soldiers posing as police led by Hiraldo have entered the building after being aware of the situation involving the zombie ninjas. When they learn of Dillon’s presence, former cohort A.K. knows of the orders: destroy the zombie ninjas, grab the information, and kill any witnesses. Eddie, another of Dillon’s cohorts, becomes the only member of the team that Dillon can trust. When they find scientist Mali, the truth is soon revealed, but will they be able to stop both A.K. and the zombie ninjas?

This may be surprising but before viewing this film, many might not have really hard of this film. The film is a modern day Ozploitation film, or Australian-made B-movie, that is as the title says. The film does in fact pit zombie ninjas against Black Ops soldiers in a high rise building. The filmmaking team of Rody and Kylie Claude have crafted a pretty standard action film that despite its title, doesn’t have horror style violence in terms of your usual zombie films. Instead, it’s more of a fight and gun-fire type action film.

Adam T. Perkins, who has a bit of a resemblance to Gerard Butler, is pretty good as Dillon, a former Black Ops forced to face off not only against the zombie horde but members of his former team with the exception of the sympathetic Eddie, played by Korum Ellis. Eddie briefs Dillon on the situation much to the chagrin of new leader A.K., played by Jason Britza, who resemblance of Tim Roth seems truly on par with Roth’s shtick as Emil Blonsky in The Incredible Hulk but without the super soldier effects mixed in. A.K. is just flat out crazy and will do what it takes to carry out his mission at all costs. As for Kira Caine’s Mali, she may seem like wasted filler but in fact, she is a vital part of the film as she feels guilt and regret due to her part in the experiment gone wrong.

Former UFC fighter Soa “The Hulk” Palelei takes the lead as the leader of the titular Zombie Ninjas with Kenny Low, Jared De’Har, Neil MacKinnon, and Jonathan Liew serving as the masked team. The special effects in terms of the zombie ninjas are quite a hoot with the zombie ninjas having silver/grey skin with black around the eyes, which turn red when they go into raging attacks. MacKinnon has the distinction of playing not only a Zombie Ninja, but he even comes in as one of the Black Ops soldiers.

Rody Claude’s jack of all trades also includes being the fight choreographer of the film. With the enhancements of speed with the zombie ninjas, some of the visual effects hinder the fights as in certain portions, they are hard to see what’s going on. However, there are some fights that look pretty decent, especially when it comes to seeing Palelei against Korum Ellis as with the intent to mesh different styles of combat, from kickboxing to MMA to close quarter knife combat and straight up brawling. So in other words, the fights are a mixed bag but still make for an interesting concept of a film overall.

Zombie Ninjas vs. Black Ops is a mixed bag, but it’s a bit expected when you have a modern day Ozploitation film. A good concept, just could have done better with the fight sequences when mixed with visual effects.