Cleveland-based filmmaker Jerry Sur brings green screen for this 8-minute walkthrough which is meant to be just simple fun with Sur inserting himself in various clips from films.

Receiving a tip-off, a detective and his rookie partner must enter a house of “horrors”. As the detective opens each door, he finds himself either nearly killed, watching a female exotic dancer become a vampire, and at one point, watching the Kumite and enjoying it. Will he be able to figure out why he was called upon to enter the house in the first place?

Jerry Sur, who worked on the short martial arts film Wu Xia: A Martial Arts Tango, attempts to put himself in various film clips using green screen technology. Don’t expect anything spectacular and just go along for the ride. Sur’s partner is played by Ethan Hawke, seen in a clip from Training Day.

The fun part comes in the so-called house of horrors, in which clips from Silent HillPrometheus, and From Dusk Till Dawn (which has Salma Hayek having an exchange with Sur) are the horror pieces of the film. To add some comic relief, one of the rooms Sur enters involves seeing Magic Mike and another has him enjoying the Kumite in the original Bloodsport in which he is sitting next to Normann Burton’s agent character. The finale takes a page from another horror classic.

So don’t go expecting anything major with A Horror House, but just have some fun with Jerry Sur enjoying himself in clips from films via greenscreen.


A Jerry Sur Productions production. Director: Jerry Sur. Producer: Jerry Sur. Writer: Jerry Sur. Editing: Jerry Sur. Cast: Jerry Sur.

Check out the video above to enjoy the film!