It’s a new year and here we are with the first Indie Action Spotlight for 2017! So here we go!!!

Our highlight clip of the month is the short film Pokemon Go Crazy! Directed by and starring Lorenz Hideyoshi of the Young Masters and Andy Long. The film also stars Du An, Lin He Rong, and Martial Club’s Andy and Brian Le. Exciting martial arts action from shapes to some amazing flipping and kicking here!

Here are this month’s highlight Stunt Reels:

Shawn Bernal

Jason Triplett

Alina Andrei

Janos Bognar

Heather Hayes

Leaphy Khim

Anais Almonte

Finally, here are this month’s select short films and clips:

Fight Group Practice (LBP Stunts Chicago)

The Suitcase – directed by Joscha Mayer

Knuckle Heads – directed by Sergio Herencias

Redeem: The Beginning – directed by Dennis Petersen

The Courier – by Ebin Productions

Tra Dua – directed by Phuong Ryan

Detente – directed by Ben Johnson

The Plan – directed by Robert Love

This is just the beginning! If you have a stunt reel or short film that you want to submit to the Indie Action Spotlight for February, send me an e-mail with description and link over to The deadline will be February 2, 2017! You can also send a direct message to both the official WFG Facebook and Twitter pages!