Making his film debut, Malaysian-born China-based Michael Wong brings a beautiful story about the choices one makes and what they can cost to life.

Chen Wen is an aspiring fashion designer who makes a promise to Wang Yu Yang to possibly marry him in ninety days. For each day, Yu Yang gives her a dollar coin and vows that if she accepts, they will be married and if she does not accept, they will go for drinks. However, when an opportunity arises for Chen to go to Paris, the relationship between Chen and Wang is at risk of being destroyed.

A film clocked in at only nine and a half minutes, this short film is beautifully shot and revolves around a relationship that starts out well but goes in turmoil. It looks like there is a love triangle of sorts as we see our central couple Chen Wen and Yu Yang at high risk when Andre, a Frenchman, invites Chen to Paris and has a somewhat flirtatious nature that makes Yu Yang angry. This is seen when Yu Yang arrives to Chen Wen’s debut press conference and thinks something is going on. While the film revolves mainly around the couple, Andre is seen as the wrench that causes this relationship to be in danger.

The film has a moral lesson as it is revealed in the final act, which we won’t spoil here but it involves the choice that is made and its effect. Through a series of flashbacks, we get to see why this lesson can be seen as important and it is showcases some the talents of lead actors Han Dongjun and Zhuang Zhiqi.

The film has truly earned its many accolades in many film festivals as it is a beautifully shot and very well acted short from debut director Michael Wong. It is definitely worth checking out The Story of 90 Coins as a great short film debut.


A Hiersun Production in association with E&T Films Productions. Director: Michael Wong. Producer: Liu Yunsong. Writer: Bai Xuedan. Cinematography: Jian Liwei. Editing: Song Kaiyi.

Cast: Han Dongjun, Zhuang Zhiqi, Jose Acosta .

Thank you to Michael Wong for providing the short film. For more information on the film, check out the film’s official Facebook page.