It has been eighteen years since we last saw a film in the Major League films and a whopping two decades since we last saw Charlie Sheen as the fireball pitcher Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn.

The question is after all these years, would you want to revisit the Indians in a new installment of the film series, considering that the Indians are currently playing the World Series against the Cubs?

Charlie Sheen has made it clear that he does want to return to the role of “Wild Thing”, but not at the same he was before. Sheen recently spoke with the Hollywood Reporter and revealed that the original film’s writer and director, David S. Ward, has written a screenplay that Sheen described as “gold”. The story would involve Vaughn, now a car salesman whose lost his pitching ability who learns that he as a twenty-something son from a tryst who has joined the Indians and happens to have his pitching ability. The focus would be on the estranged father-son relationship in the midst of the new baseball season.

Tom Berenger, who played aging catcher Jake Taylor, told MovieWeb eight months ago that Ward had written the screenplay and was asked if he would return, to which he was responded that would love to return to the role. The character was promoted to manager in the PG-13 rated sequel, released in 1992. Sheen had expressed disdain for the sequel and for the sake of the franchise, let’s not even talk about Major League: Back to the Minors.

According to Sheen, Corbin Bernsen (Roger Dorn) and the original Willie Mays Hays, Wesley Snipes, have expressed interest in the film as well.

So while there is a screenplay, only one thing stands in the way of making this movie happen. It comes in the form of Morgan Creek Productions, who own the rights to the franchise. Nothing has come in terms of Morgan Creek, but with this revelation, here is hopes that the company will let this happen, because one could agree, it could be time to bring the gang back and what better time than now to let it happen?

More as this news develops.

H/T: THR, MovieWeb