A “Mandrake the Magician” Film in the Works…with Sacha Baron Cohen


Many people may or may not be familiar with the character known as Mandrake the Magician. The character was created by Lee Falk in the 1930’s and was a crime fighter who uses the powers of hypnosis and has a sidekick in an African-born assistant named Lothar. 80’s fans may know the character from the sci-fi cartoon Defenders of the Earth, in which he teamed up with Flash Gordon (created by Alex Raymond) and The Phantom (another Lee Falk creation) to take on Ming the Merciless and his army in the year 2015.

Well, those who may not know the character will get a chance to know him because Etan Cohen will be writing and directing a contemporary take of the character for Warner Brothers and Atlas Entertainment. This Cohen is also being responsible for a reboot/sequel to one of the most underrated 80’s car race film series, The Cannonball Run.

The major news is that the character of Mandrake himself will be played by another Cohen in the famous British comedian/actor Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen was last seen in The Brothers Grimsby and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

As we await word on when the film will begin shooting, this is quite some interesting news that practically came out of nowhere. Nevertheless, fans may look forward to Mandrake the Magician upon its release.

H/T: Dark Horizons


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