Dick Maas makes a return to the screens with the teaser for his latest horror film, Prey (Prooi).

The film revolves a lion who is terrorizing the city of Amsterdam and the police who must stop the terror before more bodies turn up. Sophie van Winden and Mark Frost star in the film.

Maas is hailed as one of the top directors to come from the Netherlands known for his horror films in which he unleashes very interesting antagonists. The Lift (1983) involved killer elevator and was remade as Down or The Shaft as it was called in the United States upon its release post-9/11. Amsterdamned (1988), perhaps his most well-known film outside of his homeland, was more akin to an action film with dashed of horror with a serial killer using the canals as his way of transport. Sint (2010) spun around the Saint Niklas legend by making him a zombified killer striking every 32 years. Now, he brings a lion as the latest terror of Amsterdam.

Prey is scheduled for an October 2016 release date by Dutch Filmworks.