The sequel to City of Dragons picks up right where it left off and decides to take a turn into a serious case of “what the $#@!” territory.

Clark, the self-proclaimed “King of the Jungle”, has learned that Jackson, the man who was supposed to make a major deal with Clark, has been busted and is en route to jail. He hatches a plan to have Jackson escape and thinks his longtime nemesis Abbey, “The Dragon” is responsible.  He goes to Abbey’s house and kidnaps his teen nephew Charlie.

However, Abbey and his team are revealed to have met with a local shaman, because they learned on the road to becoming one of the most powerful drug lords in town, Clark has somehow gained supernatural powers. Abbey and his team must travel towards a haunted forest and pass a series of tests in order to gain the powers necessary to take down Clark once and for all. Meanwhile, Clark, still after Abbey, goes after anyone in connection with this nemesis and begins to cause more trouble. What will happen if Abbey and his team pass their test and get the plan to take out Clark once and for all?

The question that will pop up is “How did they go from a routine action film about drug cartels to having some sort of supernatural twist all of a sudden?” The focus of this sequel to City of Dragons is Abbey’s team and their shot to stop the deadly Clark once and for all and how? They enlist the aid of a shaman and go through a series of tests in some sort of haunted forest and then, enlist the aid of another shaman who somehow grants them powers that make them impervious to bullets. One can only wonder how the heck that happened.

The other major story involves Clark now looking for Abbey and doing anything to get his hands on his former best friend turned sworn enemy. Somehow, he has a henchwoman who is in the supernatural and (tada!) she gives away where the team is. Seriously, one wonders how this supernatural element was all of a sudden added to this, when the original was a straight out action drama.

Like its predecessor, we once again hear the lines from our rival drug cartel leaders, “I am the KIng of the Jungle” and “I am the Dragon of this town”. At least it is not done to the point of annoyance but it can still be a little bit irritating. The end of the movie is quite predictable, but adds a bit of an unexpected twist that truly brings closure to the series and like its predecessor, brings a bit of redemption.

Dragon Warriors could have been as good as its predecessor, but the whole supernatural element truly gives a “what the $#@!” vibe, but the very end of the film truly brings a sense of closure with an unexpected (for this genre in most cases) end.


A De Blessed Mishack Production. Director: Vincent D. Anointed. Producer: Chiemelie Nwonu Mishack. Writer: Vincent D. Anointed; story by Chiemelie Nwonu Mishack. Cinematography: Ngozi Nkebacku. Editing: Ejiki Eze.

Cast: Emma Ehumadu, Gbenga Richards, Sylvester Madu, Jr. Pope Odonwodo, Diamond Okechi, Harry B., Browny Igboegwu, Zubby Micheal, Jerry Okpan, Charles Murphy, Ani Amatosero, Oge Anuke.