The teaser trailer to a new action comedy from the makers of The Martial Arts Kid has been released and it looks quite fun!


Paying Mr. McGetty stars R. Marcos Taylor, who got rave review for his role as Marion “Suge” Knight in Straight Outta Compton, as Tyrell. Tyrell can’t remember what had happened the night before. However, when his girlfriend calls him about an eviction notice and he wakes up with another woman, he soon finds himself a target of the other woman’s man, who is a top crime boss. All hell is bound to break loose.

Co-starring with Taylor are Don “The Dragon” WilsonAnita ClayAlissa SchneiderDemetrius FrazerMaurice ElmalemDr. Robert Goldman, and Tayari Casel. The film was directed by Michael Baumgarten, who co-wrote the screenplay with Adam W. Marsh. Together, the duo had written last year’s The Martial Arts Kid. In charge of the fight scenes here is veteran stunt coordinator and actor John Kreng.

Paying Mr. McGetty is scheduled for a limited theatrical release this summer!