The Mighty Four (1977)

Casanova Wong seeks revenge for the death of his parents in this pretty standard Korean action film that makes for some interesting action pieces. As a child, Yin Chun-Yang watched his father killed and mother committing suicide at the hands of Chinese warlord Ma, who was in love with Yin’s mother. Yin would be raised […]

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Shaolin Temple Strikes Back (1981)

The talented Chen Shan and Mark Long headline this pretty decent film from director Joseph Kuo. When the Manchus plot to take over China, a princess is en route to safety with entrusted military officer General Kong and young officer Lin Tsai-Shin. However, they are ambushed by Manchu general Long Yi, who proceeds to nearly […]

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7-Star Grand Mantis (1983)

1983, Filmark International Director: Kim Seon-Gyeong Producer: Kim In-Dong Writer: Kim Se-Ho Cinematography: Yang Yeong-Gil Editing: Hyeon Song-Chun Vincent Leung Cast: Benny Tsui (Tsui Kei) Eagle Han (White Cane Beggar) Song Jeong-A (The Water Seller) Jang Cheol (Chow Chang) Kwon Sung-Young (Chan) Nam Po-Dung (Cook) Lee Hee-Sung (Fatty) Kang Myeong-Ja (Chan’s Mistress) This Korean kung […]

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