Dustin Ferguson is back with a new action film about an old team reuniting to stop a deadly force.

It is the year 2028 and the LAPD has been defunded. As a result, crime is at an all time high. Taking advantage of the situation is the Queen, who leads the Viper Gang. They head to the LA Plaza and takes the plaza offices ransom in hopes to retrieve some very valuable items. Since the police will not do anything about it, it is up to a trio of former mercenaries. Former security guard Sgt. Bill Ransom, Rolfe, and Mac join forces and become the Cobra Strike Force.

You have to hand it to Dustin Ferguson and his countless collection of indie films. While he is primarily known for his work in the horror genre, he has done his fair share of other genres. This includes the official Nemesis 5: The New Model, which franchise creator Albert Pyun served as executive producer. This film is a standard action orientated fare with a title that sounds like it could come from the IFD Arts and Film era of the 80’s Ninja flicks.

Much of the film revolves around the Viper Gang’s takeover of the LA Plaza. The leader, the Queen, is played by indie great Dawna Lee Heising and you have the wonderfully named Bitch Face, played by Rocky DeMarco, and Macho, played by Nemesis sequel star Sue Price. They spend a lot of the film grimacing, pointing their guns at the workers and in the case of one, Queen tries to comfort and get through to a worker who may feel a bit unappreciated by her boss.

The titular team are comprised of Erik Larsen, whose training scene reminds me a bit of Christian Anders’ training sequence in Roots of Evil. Yan Birch is the wild and crazy Rolfe, who gets all excited when he hears of any action that needs to be done by the team while Erik Anthony Russo’s Mac rounds out the crew. It’s a virtual three-on-three battle once the stage is set and there is a bit of a twist to wrap the film up, which clocks in at 50 minutes.

Despite the short runtime and more focus on the villains, Cobra Strike Force has a title that makes up for a cheesy action fest and this is one reviewer who loves the cheese.


A SCS Entertainment production. Director: Dustin Ferguson. Producer: Jason Lee Daniel. Writers: Dustin Ferguson and Erik Anthony Russo. Cinematography: Ben Slavens. Editing: Dustin Ferguson.

Cast: Erik Larsen, Yan Birch, Rocky DeMarco, Dawna Lee Heising, Sue Price, Erik Anthony Russo, Traci Burr, Janet Lopez, Marvin “Knife” Sotelo, Christopher Bryan Gomez.