A man makes a last-ditch attempt to keep his way of income intact but faces serious consequences in this indie action thriller.

Vince runs a dispensary in California and has been making a living on the down low. However, he soon learns the shocking discovery that cannabis will be legalized in the state. Realizing he is at risk of losing his business, he decides to make a last-ditch effort to save his business. Teaming up with his partner Bobby, Vince decides to get a loan from a local crime boss, thinking it is the only way he can keep his business. However, Vince soon learns there are serious consequences for making this deal.

A turn of events causes Vince not only loses the weed needed for the business, but he now owes the money to pay for it. Vince soon realizes that not only is he in danger, but his girlfriend Tabitha may be in trouble as well. She had attempted time and time again for Vince to go straight and the deal puts a major strain in their relationship. Vince must do whatever it takes to make sure he and Tabitha can get out of danger before they find themselves under six feet.

An action thriller in the vein of Michael Mann’s work, this action thriller from Jonathan Salemi brings out the best in the cast. The story is quite interesting as it is set before the legalization of cannabis in California. The film tells of the impact for our protagonist, a black-market dealer who decides that rather than going legit and straight, he goes through nefarious means to stay within the black market. Of course, this is bound to have consequences and does so rightfully.

The film has a joyride effect as we see our protagonist Vince gets screwed over and soon goes on a journey to do whatever it takes to make sure he saves his own hide as well as his girlfriend. The film is driven by a solid performance by Anthony Molinari as Vince as we see him go on a emotional turmoil first because of how the legalization of cannabis will impact his livelihood, then when his dealings with the local crime boss leads to his attempting to find anyone who will try to help him out of his jam. While the double-cross leads to him being empty-handed.

The supporting cast definitely gets some major kudos here. Notably Mister Fitzgerald as Bobby, Vince’s partner and business enforcer. He is tough both inside and out. Jeffri Lauren is also great as Tabitha, Vince’s girlfriend who finds herself in a bind due to her boyfriend’s actions, despite the fact she tries to convince him to change his ways knowing full well of what’s about to happen. Their relationship starts out strong but despite complications, finds themselves having to bond together to help Vince out of his jam. Gigi Gustin and Connor Floyd have small but impactful roles on Vince’s journey to make things right.

The Last Deal is a throwback to the visual flair of a 1980s/1990s work and is driven by a stellar performance by Anthony Molinari. Definitely action fans will want to see this one.


Scatena and Rosner Films presents a L.A.N.E. 38 production in association with Bohemia Group Originals. Director: Jonathan Salemi. Producers: Carl Ciarfalio, Khalilah King, Tracy A. Martin, Aaron David Roberts, and Jonathan Salemi. Writer: Jonathan Salemi. Cinematography: Dominic Lopez. Editing: Ryan Liebert.

Cast: Anthony Molinari, Mister Fitzgerald, Sala Baker, Jeffri Lauren, James Logan, Mike Ferguson, Audra Van Hess, Orion McCabe, Connor Floyd, Gigi Gustin, Sofia Masson.