The horror anthology is back with its third season now now on Blu-Ray.

The set is comprised of two-discs with the first disc comprising of the season 3 episodes. My favorite episode among the stories is Skeletons in the Closet, in which Lampini, a cinephile has his father’s museum and uses it to display some relics from various horror films. When he’s confronted by his father’s old nemesis, Bateman, played by James Remar, things go very insane and pay homage to the classic House of Haunted Hill in terms of a certain sequence then goes even more insane towards the finale. This one was directed by the series’ executive producer, special effects wizard Greg Nicotero.

There are a few good other stories as well, such as Mums, directed by Tales from the Hood’s Rusty Cundieff and Familiar, directed by Mayhem’s Joe Lynch, but Nicotero’s Skeletons in the Closet will definitely be one for fans of the genre who love to talk about films…a good majority I’m guessing.

There are some great special features on the Blu-Ray, including a great interview from Amazon’s Comic-Con at Home panel in which Nicotero, Cundieff, Remar, alongside Michael Rooker and Mattie Do talk about the series, some fun BTS raw footage that will delight the horror fans and a BTS footage. There is also a fun comic art booklet available that describes each episode in the series.

Creepshow: Season 3 on Blu-Ray will definitely please genre fans and fans of the show. This is a fun-filled season with Skeletons in the Closet being the favorite of this reviewer. The extras are a delight and those who love the series will definitely enjoy this one.


Released on December 6 from RLJE Films in conjunction with AMC and Shudder.

Directors: Rusty Cundieff, Greg Nicotero, Joe Lynch, John Harrison, Jeffrey F. January, Axelle Carolyn, Enol Junquera, Dave Newberg.