Roger Conners is making an LGBTQ+ slasher film and he is calling on us for help.

Going into production in October, Meat is looking to be the ultimate meshing of LGBTQ+ film and slasher film. Conners does not plan to pull any punches with this film. For those who want to see what Conners is capable of, check out Rebirth, his homage to George A. Romero‘s zombie classics with a LGBTQ+ base. He plans to achieve the same with Meat. Here’s how you can help.

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What will the crowdfunding cover?

-Cast & Crew Lodging
-Equipment and Enhances
-Costumes and Locations

“Sure we could simplify the script, skim down on cost, and skimp out on some of the more lavish frills we yearn for. But to be transparent, we simply don’t want to. The whole point of this film is to give you, the fans, the movie you’ve longed for. To all you gay boys and queer gals and everyone else who identifies otherwise, we realize that there simply is not enough representation for us within the world of horror cinema. And we desperately want to change that. So, so badly…” – Roger Conners.

So if you’re interested, contribute to help get Meat made because it sounds like both LGBTQ+ fans and horror fans will find this movie absolutely “delicious”

Check out some of the promotional materials befow, thanks to Roger Conners